New Era Of Hate: Nazi Cats Could Become Bigger Problem Than Nazi Dogs

Info Stormer
May 11, 2016


Nazism among the domestic cat population has become a growing concern within the Jewish community.

One issue that has received lots of media attention as of late is the problem of dogs who have become Nazis.

Just recently, a man was arrested for training his dog to embrace Nazism and salute Adolf Hitler. This is certainly not an isolated incident as there are believed to be at least 6,000,000 Nazi dogs in existence today.  These dogs after being trained in the ways of Nazism immediately seek to lynch Blacks and stuff Jews into shower room gas chambers.

Unfortunately, dogs are not the only type of animal that has been overcome by blind hate. Conclusive photographic evidence has confirmed that there is an enormous amount of Nazi sympathizers among the domestic cat population. Based on this, we can say with great confidence that we are absolutely living in a new era of hate.

View the photos below and see the proof for yourself.

Conspiracy theorists among the White supremacist neo-Nazi community will claim that some of these images have been doctored. These claims are completely false and without merit. The photos are all real. Photograph analysis expert Hiram Israel Silverbergstein has personally verified the authenticity of these and many other Nazi cat photos.

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