New Italian PM Wants to Cut the Crap and Start Trading with Russia Again

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2018

Hell yeah. Conte already off to a strong start.


In his first address to the parliament on Tuesday, Italy’s newly sworn-in Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte emphasised his government’s commitment to dialogue with Russia, with an intention to review the EU sanctions policies.

“We will promote openness towards Russia that has in the last years reaffirmed its international role in various geopolitical critical situations,” Conte told the parliament in a plea for confidence for the newly formed Euroskeptic government.

The 53-year-old PM voiced his support for the new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s pro-Russia stance, and he promised that Italy will take steps to lift the sanctions against Russia.

“We will promote the revision of the sanctions system, starting with those that threaten Russian society,” the Italian prime minister said. He was heartily applauded by members of the parliament who welcomed his words.

With these words, Conte confirmed the intention that had earlier been outlined in the agreement between Salvini’s League and Luigi Di Maio’s Five Star Movement, the two pillars of the present coalition.


Based Italy has become a factory of White pills in the last couple of weeks.

Mass deportations of niggers, not paying back the EU gibs they owe and becoming buddies with Russia again? This is better than any Alt-Right conspiracy we could have cooked up. It’s just a gift, pre-packaged and left at our doorstep with a heart drawn on the letter.

Italy, my heart yearns to be with you!

How can one little country be so based? Is it because Italy isn’t a part of core Europe? Periphery European nations are more likely to be based than the rich, soft, squishy core in northwest Europe.

Perhaps that is what is at play here…although looking over at Spain, it seems that this idea is not bulletproof.

Meanwhile, Italy is setting a great example for the rest of Europe. If the people arguably possessed with the richest cultural inheritance in all of Europe have decided to start deporting nogs, perhaps the rest of Europe will sit up and take note.

I’ve been brushing up on Italian actresses and Italian films

It’s one thing if some “backward” Eastern European country like Hungary decides to draw a line in the sand. It’s quite another when a country like Italy does it. Effette cosmopolitans will sit up and take notice. Whenever the Italians decide to add their cultural weight to a project, that’s when you know shit is going to get real.

Few people know this, but Hitler wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without Italians designing the uniforms for the Nazis. No way, no how. They needed that extra pizazz on their side. And there was absolutely no way that the autistic Germans would have been capable of coming up with something so tasteful.

Editor's Note: I'm pretty sure Roy knows Hugo Boss was German, and this is some kind of Anglinesque absurdist humor, but nb4 autism, Hugo Boss was definitely German. Karl Diebitsch, an SS member, designed the SS uniform and most of their effects.

The only teensy-tiny problem that Italy faces is the country’s inability to commit one hundred percent to projects that they undertake.

There’s a lot of pretty words spoken, but very often there’s little of substance behind the hot air, bravado and machismo.

So we’ll see.

I’m going to be cheering pretty loud, but I’m also not going to give these wops a pass just because I have a soft spot for the romantic ideal of Italy that I have in my head.

I want results, Conte, Salvini and the other guy.

You’ve already wooed us over to your side, you’ve already got your mandate, now its time to put the pasta down and get to work.