New Orleans: 10 Shot in Black Mass Shooting (As Opposed to a Normal Mass Shooting)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2019

Mass shootings injuring ten people happen in America every other day. It isn’t really news, is it?

This story is making national news because it was in a tourist area.

Mass shootings are only ever interesting to the media when white people are involved. And it’s not because “they don’t care about black people” – it’s because they’re covering for them.

If the amount of violent black crime that takes place was reported every day, people would be calling for a reinstatement of Jim Crow.


Ten people were shot and wounded early Sunday near the French Quarter in New Orleans, a popular spot for tourists. Hours later in another part of town, another shooting killed two men and wounded two others.

Police said both shootings remain under investigation, and authorities did not immediately draw any connection between them.

Two of the 10 people shot on Canal Street near the French Quarter were in critical condition in local hospitals, Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said. No arrests were announced by midday Sunday, and police did not immediately release information about any of the victims.

“What happened in our city overnight was a cowardly and senseless act that we cannot and will not tolerate,” Ferguson said in a statement.

He said New Orleans has seen a significant reduction in violent crime over the past four years.

Ferguson told The New Orleans Advocate/The Times-Picayune that a person of interest has been detained, but it was not immediately clear whether the person had any connection to the shooting.

The first shootings happened about 3:20 a.m. on a busy commercial block of Canal Street that has streetcar tracks and is near many hotels.

The police are of course “searching for a motive.”

As the local news always faithfully informs us.

I love when they say that.

I just once want to hear some rhythmic speaking dolled-up news slut come out and say “police have determined that the motive for the shooting was that that nigga was talking some shit about that other nigga an then that nigga was like ‘nah, nigga, you got me fucked up,’ and then he proceeded into ‘bang, bang, muthafucka’ in response.”