New Orleans’ ISIS Starts Wrecking Confederate Monuments

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2017

The international community was horrified when ISIS began destroying Roman and other pre-Islamic history in Syria, with good reason. There is an expectation in the civilized world that when a power structure or ruling ideology shifts, historical structures are maintained and protected, in order to remember where we come from.

But this rule doesn’t apply when populations, rather than cultures, are transferred. The goal of the mostly foreign ISIS mercenaries interloping in Syria is to eradicate the native culture and replace it with an entirely foreign culture (in their case, Saudi Arabian Wahaabism). The motive of the Jews who rule America, and their non-white and bribed white puppets in New Orleans, is exactly the same.

Even though New Orleans is 33% white, there isn’t even one white male on their city council. The 6-1 decision to raze monuments to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and other honorable warriors of American history was made entirely by career-climbing middle-aged leftist women and petty Uncle Toms/Aunt Jemimas fueled by inferiority complexes.

Anti-white rhetoric and political action is escalating because of opportunity. Our demographic decline makes us weaker at the ballot box so whether we have a right to even exist is now increasingly up for debate.

Executing this “will” is, yes, a white man –  NOLA mayor Mitch Landrieu, who can’t stop his virtuous preening about what he’s doing.

But not all is as it seems with Mayor Landrieu. The inertia of this radical attack on the white people of Louisiana is balanced on wheels greased by the Talmud. A quick look at the names of major donors fueling his election bid discloses names like (((Leslie Jacobs, Stephen Rosenthal, and the law firm Herman, Herman, Katz, and Cotlar.)))

The greatest threat to America today is not Sharia law, but Jewish plutocracy.

In the past, white community organizers like David Duke have rallied at these monuments for identity and strength. History is what gives us meaning – this isn’t some beautification program, it is a power play to weaken the white people of Louisiana’s morale.

When a brutal force comes to erase your past, they’re angling to destroy your present. If this linear progression isn’t halted in its tracks by a revolutionary force, these  bulldozer will steamroll our future.

If white people call for going our own way, we are ruthlessly suppressed. If white people agree to civic nationalism based on mutual respect, we are ruthlessly suppressed.

So what do they want?

If we use logical deduction, the conclusion can only be to tear us into pieces. Just like they’re doing to Robert E. Lee.

But we care. Our future is at stake and Mother Nature is no helicopter mom. She only favors those with a will to live. Mayor Landrieu and other boomer sellouts can enjoy their Jewish blood money, they’ll be dead when the seeds they’re sowing blossom. Which is why our generation is compelled by history to pick-up the slack and be the greatest to ever live.