Newly Elected Mexican Congressfemale Kidnapped at Gunpoint on the Highway

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2018

The only way this could be a greater injustice is if she was a tranny. And no, despite appearances, she probably is not.

The fact is, there is one group and one group only that is responsible for these sorts of things happening in Mexico: white people.

If it were not for the Crusades and the Holocaust and so on, Mexico never would have developed poverty.

So think of that when you consider how ridiculously barbarous this country is: it’s your fault, personally, that this is happening.


A newly elected Mexican Congresswoman, Norma Azucena Rodríguez Zamora, has been kidnapped at gunpoint on a highway in central Hidalgo state.

Two men shot at Ms Rodríguez’s car, injuring an assistant and the driver and causing the vehicle to flip over.

The gunmen pulled Ms Rodríguez from the car and forced her into their vehicle.

Her kidnapping happened as she was travelling along a highway in neighbouring Hidalgo, the same on which the mayor of Naupan, Genaro Negrete Urbano, had been kidnapped last month.

Mr Negrete’s body was found earlier this month. He had been shot dead.

That sounds like one highway I don’t want to ride all night long.

And that is saying a lot, as I’m the kind of person who thinks life is a highway.

As far as the problems of crime that white people have caused in Mexico – that you as a person, individually, are personally responsible for – there is only one clear solution: mass immigration.

People are getting kidnapped on the highways of life down there. We have an obligation to let every person who is in danger to come live on welfare in America – it’s a little thing called “human rights,” and it’s the law of the land.

America is a nation of third world criminal refugees.

It says it on the Statue of Liberty.

George Washington was himself a refugee – a drug-runner from Nicaragua.

That’s how he made his millions to buy all those slaves, which you should feel bad about.

Why did you, personally, buy all those slaves with drug money?

George Washington founded America. A drug-running gang member from central America, who was fleeing oppression in Syria.

Barrel bombs, buddy.

Get educated.

Learn your history.

This is what makes America great.