Newsweek Ads Being Cut After They Were Caught Engaging in Click Fraud

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2018

Think Trump is a piece of shit evil capitalist? Just wait until we tell you about how he’s also a piece of shit evil communist. 

Click-fraud is serious gosh-darn business. I’m shocked these people are not already sued over this.

Wall Street Journal:

Some advertising-technology companies have cut ties with Newsweek Media Group over concerns about allegedly fake website traffic, moves that threaten to exacerbate the company’s financial difficulties as it contends with a wider fraud investigation.

AppNexus, one of the vendors NMG used to sell online ads, and SpotX, an ad-tech company that helps sell video ads, each said they have ended their relationships with the company. They cited concerns over invalid traffic on the publisher’s International Business Times websites.

Meanwhile, DoubleVerify, a company that offers software for advertisers and ad vendors to authenticate the quality of the locations where their ads appear, has flagged four IBTimes sites and as having invalid traffic. The warnings signal marketers that the sites are risky to buy ads on.

NMG said Wednesday it had fired two employees connected with the ad issue, but the developments nevertheless have the potential to scare off advertisers and add to the turmoil surrounding the parent company of the storied Newsweek magazine brand. The company already faces a wide-ranging investigation led by the Manhattan district attorney’s office into suspected bank fraud, ties with a bible college in California and alleged advertising abuses, The Wall Street Journal has reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

NMG has declined to discuss details of the district attorney’s probe or the company’s financial situation.

I would like to play this off as though Newsweek’s situation is representative of the situation of the rest of the media. Unfortunately, Newsweek is in a uniquely bad situation that the rest of the media is not quite in.

Newsweek went full-retard in a way that the rest of the old media did not, and was incapable of properly riding the tiger and so ended up in the snake pit.

The rest of the old media is attempting to hold together their cash stream by paywalling up, but with new media having structured themselves in such a way as to cost so much less to run, the old print media is eventually just going to die.

But it’s going to be a slow death.