Newsweek Fake Newsman Michael Edison Hayden Publicly Humiliated by Julian Assange

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2018

Michael Edison Hayden of Newsweek is a 90 IQ Arab who has attempted to make a career out of harassing members of the Alt-Right and their mothers. It is refreshing to see him so viciously publicly humiliated.


Julian Assange has issued a savage rebuke to Newsweek journalist Michael Hayden for being duped by a fake Twitter account impersonating the Wikileaks founder.

Hayden had responded to a tweet supporting US president Donald Trump from Assange impersonator @TheRealJulian. The fake account wrote: “Keep doing what you’re doing Mr. President and know that the entire world is behind you!”

Despite the nature of the comment being completely out of character, Hayden took it at face value and he accused the Australian of being “one of those MAGA randos that rushes into Trump’s replies to kiss up”.

Assange responded with a filleting analysis of Hayden’s journalistic professionalism and accused him of amplifying a “black PR operation” against him.

Yes, he definitely is a black PR guy. Thankfully, he isn’t that good at it.

“How could someone be so stupid as to think that tweet was real,” asks ye?

Well, look at the guy.

He has recently changed his profile picture to one intended to be professional-looking, yet it is somehow more offensive than the drunken tongue pic.

He has publicly threatened to send Antifa to attack me.

And he threatens to call your mother if you refuse to talk to him.

Of course, “drunken low IQ men threatening people” defines most of the newsmedia, but generally they are not stupid enough to publicly post this information.

But most journalists would be familiar enough with the basic reality situation to know that that Assange tweet was fake.

We appear to have a very specific situation going on at Newsweek.

Remember, that is also where Kurt Eichenwald worked when he had his psychological breakdown after the Tucker interview affair. This self-humiliation thing appears to be part of their brand.

Just try to imagine what it would feel like to be a professional journalist and know that the most notoriety you will have in your entire life will be for being mocked for believing a fake tweet.