NHL Condemns Fans For Chanting “Basketball” at Ape on Skates

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2018

Hockey fans hurt the feelings of Negro hockey player Devante Smith-Pelly by chanting “basketball” at him. They were thrown out of the arena for causing him to feel sad.

The National Hockey League has just condemned a group of fans for chanting “basketball” at a Negro hockey player named Devante Smith-Pelly while he was in the penalty box. It is perhaps one of the dumbest incidents to have ever occurred in the history of professional hockey.

Chicago Sun Times:

The NHL condemned the actions of four fans at Saturday’s Blackhawks game, who were ejected during the third period for directing racial taunts at Washington Capitals winger Devante Smith-Pelly.

The fans chanted “basketball, basketball, basketball” at Smith-Pelly, who is black, while he was in the penalty box. Smith-Pelly got up and confronted the fans through the glass. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman called the fans’ comments “unacceptable and reprehensible behavior” in a statement.

“While this incident was isolated in nature, no player, coach, official or fan should ever have to endure such abuse at one of our games,” Bettman said. “The league will take steps to have our clubs remind all stakeholders that they are entitled to enjoy a positive environment — free from unacceptable, inappropriate, disruptive, inconsiderate or unruly behaviors or actions, and may not engage in conduct deemed detrimental to that experience.”

The Hawks released a statement on Saturday night apologizing to Smith-Pelly and the Capitals for the fans’ “harmful” comments. The league statement took it a step further, describing the fans’ actions as “racial taunts and abuse.” The Capitals said they “extend their appreciation to the Blackhawks organization and the United Center security for swiftly removing the fans from the game.”

February is Hockey Is For Everyone month in the NHL, a league-wide initiative to encourage inclusiveness for fans and players of all backgrounds, races, religions and sexual orientations. There are about 30 black players in the NHL, including the Hawks’ Anthony Duclair.

Clearly, this is an insane situation. We are dealing with a Negro hockey player who is getting paid a fairly significant sum of money to play a game. If fans aren’t allowed to say what they want at the players they pay to see, than what is the point of going to watch these games? Are his feelings so fragile that he can’t handle some fans chanting “basketball” at him? There’s obviously far worse things that the fans could have said to him. It’s not like they called him “nigger” or threw bananas at him.

But things sure have changed in the world of hockey. Disagreements between fans and the hockey players used to be handled much differently before our society was bludgeoned with political correctness. Take for example this clip from a 1970s hockey game between the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.

It is worth noting that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is a kike. So with that in mind, it is no surprise that he jumped on the incident like he did and cried about how mean these fans were to the ape on skates.

Gary Bettman the kike NHL Commissioner has quite the ugly rat face.

The NHL is also pushing an initiative called “Hockey is for Everyone.” This is basically a marketing program pushed by Bettman to racially diversify the league. Hockey has historically been a sport dominated by White men. Now this kike in charge of the league wants an increasing amount of faggots, gooks and niggers to play and watch the sport.

But either way, it is extremely bizarre for any entertainment business to reprimand people who paid hard earned money to see their product over something this silly. What other business operates this way?

Point blank, Jews have ruined professional hockey with political correctness and they want to racially diversify it on top of that. Until this Jew Bettman is removed as NHL Commissioner and they end this racial diversity push, Whites should avoid the NHL just the same as all these other kike-run sports leagues.