Nigel Farage Wants Nothing to Do With Alt-Lite UKIP CUCKS!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

I never understood the point of UKIP. And memes aside, I never understood the point of Nigel Farage either.

How can you spend decades of your life campaigning for the UK’s departure from the EU and then on the eve of it happening, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by letting the party collapse and letting the Tories completely sabotage the deal?

What Farage did was the political equivalent of beating your opponent soundly and then refusing to take the trophy when it is offered to you.

Since Brexit, Farage has decided to spend most of his time doing his radio show and visiting the US to cozy up to Donald Trump. A naive and optimistic observer might think that with Trump’s support, Farage had all the support he needed to keep pushing for a complete Brexit and rapprochement with America and riding the success of Brexit, if he pivoted to other populist issues, Farage could have led UKIP to even greater heights.

But instead, he apparently decided to be a toff.

In the video, Tommy Robinson gave a real propah rant that accuses Farage of being a wanker and not a man of the people.

It seems that he is incensed by what Farage has publicly said about him.


UKIP founding member Nigel Farage has cut his ties with the party, accusing its leadership of trying to court “extremists” like English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson.

“With a heavy heart, I am leaving UKIP,” Farage said on Tuesday. “It’s not the Brexit party our nation so badly needs.”

In his farewell op-ed, published in the Telegraph, Farage accused the party of trying to bring in “extremists,” describing the party in its current state as “obsessed with Islam and Tommy Robinson.”


Suddenly it’s all becoming clear to me.

I agree 100% with what Nigel is saying here because clearly, Farage understands that the real problem facing the UK is the racial problem and the Jewish problem. Islam is just a smoke and mirrors misdirection done by Zionist tools like Robinson to redirect the Hate of the Briton away from Israel and the scheming semites.

Speaking later on his radio show on LBC, Farage warned that continued association with Robinson would tarnish the party’s reputation, and give the anti-Brexit lobby a convenient punching bag “for years to come.”

Since Farage resigned as UKIP leader in 2016, the party has sought to win over a younger, more dynamic demographic. Current leader Gerard Batten welcomed a cohort of right-wing internet personalities into the party this year, including Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson, Mark ‘Count Dankula’ Meechan, and Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad. 

Wow, yet another good call from Farage.

I wouldn’t want to be associated with these three cretins either

The one on the far-left is a notorious homosexual, while the one in the center is clearly part-negro. I don’t know much about the one on the right, but he looks like a carnival freak and I wouldn’t leave my children alone with him for a second… frankly, with none of them.

Don Farage is clearly in the right here yet again. 

Which means he probably walked away from Brexit because he knew that it wouldn’t be enough and that it was only a matter of time before the UK establishment figured out another way to screw the Britons over.

Not one for halfway measures, Nigel has chosen the accelerationist approach to politics.

I half-expect him to organize a daring prison breakout to get members of National Action out of jail and into the ranks of his new paramilitary Neo-Nazi hit team.

Because we’re dealing with a man who understands that the time for halfway measures and bleating feebly about Islam being mean to homos is over. 

I think the next time we hear from Farage, it will once he seizes Parliament and colors it red with Tory and Labor blood.