No One Ever Would Have Expected This Guy was a Rapist

Daily Stormer
April 9, 2016

Andrew Billings, Shawn Oakman

He looked like such a good boy.

Dallas News:

Former Baylor University defensive end Shawn Oakman has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met at a club last weekend.

Waco police have not arrested the 24-year-old NFL draft prospect, but he is named as the suspect in a search warrant affidavit.

A Baylor graduate student told police she was assaulted between 2 and 3 a.m. Sunday after she met Oakman at Scruffy Murphy’s club and accompanied him back to his duplex. Once there, police say Oakman removed her clothing and “forced” her onto the bed, where he sexually assaulted her.

Oakman told police the sex was consensual.

His agent, Kennard McGuire, told ESPN he was aware of the allegations.

“There appears to be the beginning of an investigation,” he said. “No charges have been filed, and we are cooperating with the investigation.”

McGuire could not be reached for further comment Friday.