No, White Children Will Not Save Us

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2015

White children are great, but they aren’t going to save us.

I feel a bit awkward writing this article because I know its content is probably obvious to many. At the same time, I also feel it still may be important to point these things out. I don’t know how many White nationalists actually think that we need to “have more White children” to save our race, because it is hard to gauge that just by comment sections and the like, but it is doubtless that some do, and they are very confident about this assertion. I understand why, but my contention is that they just haven’t thought this point of view through, and so I will try and lay out my argument against it. Of course, I am more than open to counter-arguments, but I think this will be pretty conclusive.

Indeed, having White children is oftentimes even presented as the solution to our racial crisis, such as:

“White people keep complaining about White genocide, but they aren’t having children. START HAVING WHITE BABIES PEOPLE ITS THAT SIMPLE.”

Or similar such statements. Now this is ridiculous if taken literally. How are White children going to save us, or even help us at this point? These people act like white nationalist children are going to goose step out of the womb and start rounding up non-Whites, locking down our borders and executing traitors.

It’s obviously the other way around, my friends.

We adults need to fix this world now so there is a viable future for our children in the first place. If retreating to the woods and raising children properly makes you feel as you are doing something for the future of our race, I hate to break it to you, but you’re really not. In fact, if you do that, you’ll have to hope others pull off a revolution, so there is even a habitable world for your White children in existence when they grow up.

Not to mention that it’s impossible to outbreed the non-Whites. Nationalists will only always be a small percentage of our race, so attempting to have a lot of White babies, even if we were many times our current number, would only slightly bring up the overall average. If we had the numbers to really make a difference in that regard, than we wouldn’t have to worry about it, because we would have victory in short order. We would be able to march on Rome and snatch the keys to our people’s destiny right out of our treasonous leaders’ hands.

It’s similar to the tax protestors futile argument about not paying taxes. They will say “if ten million people quit paying their taxes tomorrow what could they do, arrest us all?” like that is some kind of brilliant revelation. Obviously to do that ten million people would have to be organized first to carry out a coordinated effort, otherwise individually not paying taxes will have no effect at all, except getting individual people thrown into jail. Ten million people organized would have the power to begin forcing a reform. Top down problems are solved at the top, and that is what our focus should be: toppling the whole bloody system so we can rebuild it in a way that serves our people as a whole.

The ‘have more children’ argument just seems like a very simple-minded, knee jerk, emotional reaction (‘non-Whites are outbreeding us, therefore we must breed more – problem solved!’) to a much more complicated issue. The root of the issue, as has been pointed out frequently in recent days, is the introduction and acceptance of feminism in western society, and the subsequent emasculation of White men resulting from it.

Would proud, masculine White men allow their women to copulate with monkeys right in front of their faces?

Would proud, masculine White men allow our enemies to use the excuse that ” we are not breeding enough, therefore we should allow millions of non-Whites to come and take over our country”?

Would our enemies even have the ‘chutzpah’ to try something so insane on a proud, masculine people?

“Wait, we should allow tens of millions of hostile savages to invade and occupy our land because of what?”

If the 700 million or so White children who have already been born can’t stop the imminent genocide we are facing, what good will more of them do? Do we even deserve for our race to survive in this current state? Are we even worthy of White children after we have failed so thoroughly? Why should they suffer because we are so pathetic?

A White race 700 million strong could dominate the entire planet with its hands tied behind its back if it were again in control of its own destiny.

Let’s keep in mind the one fact that the Jews work around the clock to try and hide from us: 80 million White people, freed from Jewish control and under proper leadership, almost conquered the world. Hitler came to power in Germany and simply dismantled Jewish influence in banking and media, and issued debt free currency backed by the hard work of the White German people, and this turned Germany into the world’s foremost superpower in a very short time while the rest of the world was still in a depression. They then proceeded to fight a war against basically the entire world and almost won.

Hitler never had children but he took control of Germany and then instituted policies that facilitated a massive increase of them. So he was responsible for millions of German babies, without actually having had any himself. Likewise, If White men today regain control of our people’s destiny – and this will probably be done by a very small percentage of them – they could then do the same and be indirectly responsible for the revival and survival of the White race, whether or not they individually had children or not.

And I’m tired of this argument being used as a weapon, virtually unchallenged. It’s often claimed that persons with pro-White views that don’t have White children have no authority to speak on any pro-White issues, like they’re some kind of hypocrites for doing so. Could you imagine one of Hitler’s contemporaries claiming he had no right to be a nationalist leader because he didn’t have any children? I imagine such a person would’ve received a plethora of perplexed looks before they were bounced out of the beer hall for being a ridiculous weirdo.

If only Hitler would’ve had children, we wouldn’t be in this predicament today.

I even came across an article attacking William Pierce the other day for allegedly having a vasectomy and thus not living up to his idea of a White future populated by White people. William Pierce! Right, if he would’ve just had a few more kids, who he never would’ve had time to even pay any attention to anyway, considering he worked about 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying to build a pro-White media empire and ignite a White revolution, he would’ve done much more for the cause. And the time and money he would’ve had to spend on parental duties would’ve been much better spent than him working on waking up untold thousands of people who otherwise might not be on our side today, right? After all, his children would’ve been White children, and boy do we ever need a lot more of those.

I do want to make it clear that I am not out to discourage anyone from having white children though. In fact, I encourage that. I even consider it a biological duty if one manages to find a good White woman – but that should go without saying.

I also want to make it clear that there’s only one reason for me thinking that White nationalists should have children, and it’s not because I think birth rates have any relevance whatsoever to the solution of our current predicament, it’s because they should pass on their good genes.

Those who are resilient enough to be able to climb out of the mountains of anti-White propaganda that has been shoveled on them their whole life are gems to our people, and as such should be multiplied as much as possible, so that if or when we do secure a future for our race, it will be all the more healthy and better off for it.

But, I also believe that it’s mainly just women who sympathize with our cause and wish to contribute to White nationalism who should worry about having White children, not men. A child could even potentially hold a man back in the coming and current battle, as I have already alluded.

Will British people solve the Paki rape problem by having more children, or will that just be more children to be potentially raped by Pakis if the Paki problem is not soon solved by men for the sake of the children?

Understanding the 14 words.

The 14 words are, to the best of my knowledge, universally agreed upon as the overriding ideology of all pro-Whites, no matter what disagreements there may be between them on other matters, large or small. In fact I’m sure of it.

The 14 Words are thus:

We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children

Many people somehow interpret this as meaning we should all be having White children. Some even use it to brag by insinuating that since they have had more White children than someone else, they have done more toward the 14 Words than the other. How securing a future for White children and simply impregnating a woman a bunch of times gets conflated is unclear.

The 14 Words were created by the legendary White nationalist David Lane, and as such it may be instructive to explain what he most likely had in mind when he invented the brilliant little propaganda bomb.

Lane emphatically took the position that a people absolutely needs its own exclusive living space in order to survive, and that it was up to White men to secure this living space for the White race at all costs. He also believed that nature is brutal and that our women must be under our thumb or they will flock to non-Whites, and rightfully so, since we will no longer be strong enough to offer them and their children the protection they need.

His book K D Rebel is about a White racist community that has secured territory outside of the U.S. The men go on missions into the U.S. and kidnap pretty White women and then indoctrinate them into becoming traditional White wives/mothers. They take multiple wives this way, impregnate them, and then literally force them to act like proper White women, which they are in short order much happier with then when they were living in Judaized America.

So White people having a lot of babies was clearly only a concern to David Lane for after we have secured our own territory.

All of David Lane’s writings can be found here.

The Raising Your Children Racialist Theory

I’ve also come to believe that the concept of having children and raising them racialist is basically a myth. I could be wrong on this, as I am just going by what I have observed and my experiences interacting with other racialists. I’ve asked around about this quite a bit and not only was everybody I asked not raised that way, they also had never met anyone who was. Most people seem to have started with 9/11 conspiracy theories and then made their way to racialism from there, including myself.

If the raising your children racialist theory is accurate then where are the millions of White people who were born to White racists of previous generations? They should be on the front lines with us now, right? The racists who were fighting against forced busing and forced integration in America in the 60s, and who watched the Blacks burn down hundreds of cities at that time, certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see Ferguson and Baltimore today, would they? Again, where are their children in this fight?

William Pierce’s son disowned him. Don Black’s son disavowed racism. Other racists I know have children who still have a good relationship with them but just simply think their dad’s racist views are some kind of funny quirk with maybe a bit of truth to them. Top racist George Lincoln Rockwell had seven children. His wife left him cold and then married a rich Icelandic business tycoon who, along with their son Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson – the “first billionaire in Iceland” – plundered that country financially, and were largely responsible for its 2008 economic crash. One of his daughters married a Japanese guy and their son is the famous half-Japanese professional football player Björgólfur Hideaki Takefusa.

George Lincoln Rockwell’s daughter race-mixed with a gook.

In a recent ‘Atlantic Axis’ podcast the host was lamenting the fact that there are not many second or third generation nationalists in British nationalist parties. He assumes this is the fault of nationalists for being lazy and not raising their children right. Is that really the case though, or is this just not as easy a task as many seem to think? I don’t know, but it seems to me that a nationalist would definitely attempt to raise their kids as nationalists. Why wouldn’t they?

And when do you even teach a kid to become racialist/nationalist, I’ve wondered. It sounds like a pretty sticky situation to me. If you indoctrinated them before their brains were mature enough to think critically, then you would have a potential situation where they might go out among normal people and repeat these beliefs without really understanding them and their implications, and becoming pariahs. How long before they realize that what you are teaching them to believe is considered by the vast majority of the entire world to be the most evil thoughts anyone could ever possibly think? Imagine the pressure. It doesn’t take a whole lot of contemplation to figure out why the ‘Prussian Blue’ twins went from Nazi pop singers to pot-smoking hippie liberals. Is anybody actually surprised by this?

Please let us know in the comment section if you were raised as a nationalist, and whether or not you know or have met a lot of other nationalists who were. I think this topic needs to be explored further, and I can only base my opinion on the limited amount of knowledge that I have acquired thus far.

To be fair, I do know of one person who is a proper racist and was raised by one: John Metzger. But how common is this? I’d like to know. And he wasn’t really taught that way. Tom told him if he believed anything just because his father did, he wouldn’t respect him, and eventually, when confronted with an emotional Holocaust documentary in school, John took it upon himself to find out which side had the truth. That would probably be the only way to go about it, letting your children figure things out on their own, and then hoping that they do. And I can assure you, not all of them will turn out like John Metzger, not it today’s crazy society.

We Need Total Dedication

All of this probably sounds pretty negative, and that’s not my intention. My intention is to make White men understand the gravity of our situation and where the responsibility for correcting it lies, which is on our shoulders. Comforting ourselves by just having children, or wasting valuable time and energy trying to find a good woman in order to have children to feel like you are doing your part for the 14 Words is folly, in my opinion.

And again, I am not against having White children, I just don’t think it is as much of a priority as many seem to think it is, and believe the idea is quite possibly just a distraction at this point.

So this article is not as much intended to discourage people from having children as it is to encourage White men to get their head in the game and realize the direness of our situation and to highlight what it is going to take to win, which is total dedication. No comfort in future generations, no half-measures, but full fight. Our people are on the whole weak, degenerated, confused and even pitted against us. Our women are out of control, and our enemies openly mock and despise us, although deep down they do fear us.

Public opinion is starting to turn in our favor. And it’s doing that not only because the world is so insane that it is pushing people in our direction – though that is a big part – it is because of White nationalists who have been working tirelessly to spread our message as far and wide as possible. We will continue to make strides in the near future, no doubt, but the harder we work, the longer those strides will be.

We are the pinnacle of millions of years of evolution and the warriors on the front lines of the final battle of all of civilization, and there will be no replacement if we fail, no pulling ourselves up after this, and no second chance. This is the highest honor that could ever be bestowed on us. We can either make history, or be erased and condemned and mocked by it – and the clock is ticking.

The Moslems weren’t driven out of Europe in the Middle Ages by a bunch of White babies, nor will they be today.