Nog Who Killed White Dude Over Parking Dispute Arrested

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

The video is a CBS report prior to the nog’s arrest.

The lesson here is that nogs will kill White people over anything. Stay alert.

Dallas News:

A man has been charged in a fatal June 12 shooting that Lewisville police blamed on an argument over a parking spot.

Quintin Lowe, 25, is being held at the Dallas County jail, with bail set at $300,000. In addition to the murder charge in William Booker’s death, the Dallas resident faces a domestic-violence charge.

Lowe and Booker, 36, were arguing over the parking spot at Booker’s home at the Park Timbers Apartments when Booker kicked Lowe’s Dodge Challenger, police said.

Killer nog Quintin Lowe.