Nog Who Murdered White Father in Front of His Two-Year-Old Daughter Might Get Plea Deal

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2018

They’re saying there isn’t a deal on the table, however I would like to offer one.

He pleads guilty for the death penalty.

Sounds fair to me.


The defense lawyer for a man accused in a botched robbery that claimed the life of a Spring Garden father in front of his 2-year-old daughter claims negotiations are in the works for a possible plea. However, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office says there is no deal in the works.

At a hearing on Tuesday morning at the Criminal Justice Center, Michael Medway, a lawyer representing 21-year-old Maurice Roberts, said he’s confident neither defendant will face a trial in the fatal shooting and robbery of 38-year-old Gerard Grandzol last September.

Medway told the judge plea negotiations have been underway for his client as they’re working on how many years he should spend in prison.

“The District Attorney’s Office wouldn’t be so quick to negotiate with us, number one. And number two, given that my client is an adult, if he had been the shooter he could’ve been subject to the death penalty if the Commonwealth chose to make this a capital case,” said Medway.