“Non-Partisan” Political Crowdfunding Site Now Bans All Republican Candidates

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2018

Really? Well, the Stormer community has rejected niggerism, so I guess you’ll have to go. I just banned you from the forum, Jesse Thomas, you nigger. 

Any organization that isn’t explicitly right-wing will always become a Jewed out, communist engine of subversion if given enough time.

The conservatives are the only ones with high-minded concepts of fairness and balance. As such they’ll do stupid shit like create crowdfunding platforms that are open to all political ideologies, just to promote the idea of grassroots democracy.


Of course, as soon as liberals gain power within the organization, they’ll just kick out everyone they disagree with.


A political fundraising site has banned Republican candidates from its platform in an effort to fight “Trumpism.”

Crowdpac, a Palo Alto, Calif-based political technology company, states its mission is “to help more people participate in the political process through running for office,” by giving the a way to raise money through grassroots efforts on its platform. And although the company’s co-founder and CEO Steve Hilton is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, Crowdpac’s platform has been popular among candidates opposed to Trump, too, making it appear to be non-partisan way for candidates of varying ideologies to participate in the democratic process.

Oh, conservatives. Their naive idealism is almost endearingly cute, if only it wasn’t responsible for the destruction of our civilization.

Maybe next time, Steve, you should pull your head out of your ass and create a company to crowdfund genocides.

But the non-partisan essence of Crowdpac changed Tuesday when the company announced Hilton would step down and the site will no longer allow Republican candidates to use the platform. The ban will last until “we can figure out how to systematically confirm that those campaigns and candidates align with the values of our community in a way that Trumpism does not,” Crowdpac’s acting CEO Jesse Thomas in a Medium post.

Yeah, good thing they’ve gotten rid of those pesky Republican candidates too. Now their lineup looks a lot more “diverse” – at least, in the way that counts.

Positively vibrant.

“Over the past couple of months, we’ve heard from many quarters of the Crowdpac community that, in light of Steve Hilton’s punditry, the use of our platform is seen as an endorsement of President Trump and his political movement,” Thomas wrote. “This isn’t even close to true, but it has created unnecessary drag for many of our users working to raise funds and build support for their campaigns on our platform.”

In other words, if their platform allows Republican candidates, liberals are loath to even use it for fear of being “contaminated” or something.

These people see even moderate conservatives as scum to be destroyed, not legitimate political opposition with which to debate policies.

Thomas continued: “The truth is that the actions of President Trump and his movement run counter to our values and the values of the vast majority of our users. We believe that it should be easier for people to vote, not harder. President Trump and his allies are working to undermine the democratic process by putting barriers in the way of Americans they think might vote as Democrats. Voter ID laws, sham voter fraud commissions, and other proposed laws and policies designed to hinder participation run directly counter to the goals and mission of our business.”

It runs counter to the new goals and mission of your business, which is to turn America into a third-world communist shithole.

Gotta destroy the last bastion of non-shithole-ism.

The previous mission was simply to let the people support the politicians that appealed to them.

So basically, this rich conservative dude created a business offering any candidate the chance to crowdfund their electoral campaign. But because it allowed liberals, they ended up scheming to take over. Once they did, they ejected him, the founder, and just banned anyone who isn’t 100% committed to the agenda of destroying America.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks we can win against our enemies by being “fair.”

They’re not playing fair. The Jews and their liberal golem are playing to win at all costs, and no tactic is too low or too dishonorable.