Nordic Frontier #14: #StockholmTerrorTruck, Marxist Brainwashing and a Special Guest

April 15, 2017

We start off by thanking our valiant donors, they are the true heroes. We then introduce our special guest Karl Zorn and warm up our discussion by picking a part a tweet made by an SJW (Social Justice Warrior).

Domestic news:

The trust in established institutions and media in Sweden is at an all-time low:

  • Two thirds of the Swedish people do not trust any form of mainstream media.
  • One third doesn’t trust State media.

Parents leave their children in hands of the Marxist state:

  • Mothers giving away their children to the state even though they claim money to stay at home.
  • Teaching children about the illusion of gender and they are also being offered an environment that prepares them for a life in Diversity.

Muslims running the show:

  • Invasion base received 8 beard babies. Social services get reports of mistreatment.
  • The kids were forced to pray five times a day, couldn’t listen to music, were not allowed to see girls and had to eat halal.
  • Turns out the staff consisted of radical Salafist Muslims…

#NotAllMuslims used a truck to mow down Swedes in the city center of Stockholm:

  • First reaction from Swedes: Love manifestation.
  • Showing pictures of dead White children is not in good taste, remember Ailan.
  • Racially estranged children smiling and show victory signs on live TV.
  • Irony of the anti-white Åhléns being crashed into.
  • Chief of police in Stockholm region wants to ban people who sympathize with Isis, uses the term Violent Extremism.
  • Rocks thrown on police as they were arresting suspect and other racial strangers celebrate the attacks.

Resistance news:

Nazis are not human:

  • Defense Minister is holding speeches about how the Social Democratic model is kicking it up a notch.
  • He’s going to tell us about how you build a welfare society that is for everyone.
  • They supposedly gathered 2000ppl last year.
  • We exploit democracy.
  • He has been challenged to a debate.


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Topics discussed with Karl Zorn in the Second Segment:

  • Growing up among old vikings.
  • Moving to and living in Sweden.
  • Venerating our fallen SS heroes of WW2.
  • Raising Warriors.
  • Coming back to the North to establish a National Socialist sanctuary.


Music in the Show:

Saga – Prayer for the Dying

Lilou & John – Payback Day

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