Nordic Frontier #32: The Nordic Days

September 1, 2017


Brace yourself comrade, this one’s a long un’.

We’ll start off with discussing some comments from last week’s show, and we try to make everyone understand that, while this is the English speaking podcast of the Nordic Resistance Movement, opinions expressed by the hosts are their own. So the message is: Don’t throw the whole movement out just because you disagree with some minor comment we make on the show.

Then we move on to talk about the ”Nazi hunt” currently plaguing the internet. Stormfront was shut down after 22 years online and making headline in Sweden among other things.

Rich Piana has left the mortals behind and Mike has an eulogy for him.

We also talk a little bit about the situation in Europe right now where Italy’s beaches are plagued with wave after wave of non-white hordes, Spain has buckled at their border in their enclave bordering Morocco and will Paris ever be the same?

We also invite Simon Holmqvist, news editor at on the show to talk about the Nordic Days that went down this weekend.

Domestic news:

Jews recommend drugs to subdue the Aryan spirit.

Prime minister Löven’s right hand man or woman fired.

Teachers from ”Little Somalia” in Borlänge, Sweden, are lacking in the Swedish language.

Black pill:

From Katerina Janouch blog.

Resistance News:

1984 on steriods, wants to convict freedom fighters retroactively for greeting the victory.

Nordic Days:

Jewish owned Expressen giving us more attention.

Changes on Nordfront.

Nordic man 2017, Stefan Olsson.

Launch of Studio Nordfront.

Local reps. Announced.

Video of First of May speech – Jörgen Kromann


Eilert Pilarm – Jailhouse Rock

Eilert Pilarm – In the Ghetto

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