Nordic Frontier #34: System Shock

September 15, 2017

We start out talking about a berry problem that is currently plaguing Sweden.

Intro conversation – The dismantling of Sweden/the wonky flag pole.


Domestic News:

Moderates suggesting beggar-ban.

Second hand invaders pouring into Sweden in the North.

Dan Eliasson in the glue again.

Resistance news:

The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement charged with hate crime. (really filthy smear article)

National Socialist arrested for going home from work.

National Socialists not allowed to go home from watching football.

Saving the children from homosexual degeneracy.

The latest regarding the demonstration.

Demonstration info page

Swedish police in uniform.

Fashwave: The promise of a future we never got.

Cyber Nazi – Neon Nazi Nights

Joseph Retrostein – Fashwave 1939

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