Nordic Frontier #38: The Finnish Solution

October 12, 2017

It is Andreas and Mike this week discussing current events in the land of the Nords and calling up comrade Juhani Keränen, from the Finnish side of the Nordic State, for chat in the second segment. Johan is not with us this week, he is out digging gold in the wild, wild west.

Mike’s guest appearance: Fascism Now!

We discuss Andreas going on a Whole 30 diet (modified Paleo-diet) and being in ketosis vs. building muscle and eating rocket fuel.

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Record month.

Domestic News:

89 year-old national socialist lady in court for waving.

Simon Lindberg writing about crime and the movement.

Racial Strangers showing up armed at funerals.

Party leader debate.

A picture of the sexually ambiguous darling Fatemeh Khavari.

Bernt punished for exposing the emperor’s New clothes.

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Second Segment:

Juhani Keränen joins us, topics dicussed:

  • Growing up in Finland
  • Finnish Red Pills
  • Joining the Movement
  • Finnish politics
  • True Finns Kosherness
  • Finnish Media, does it echo?

Talking about the banning case.

Talking about the Demonstration.

International guests on Radio Nordfront.


Nick Drake – Northern Sky

Nick Drake – Saturday Sun

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