Nordic Frontier #41: Get on the #HateTrain!

November 3, 2017

#NordicThursday is upon us!

This week we start out talking about the recently installed #HateTrain over on Hatreon and everyone that has been getting on it. You are brave men and are definitely in for a WILD ride, cause this train doesn’t have any brakes. We thank you for your support and for saving Nordic babies.

In the second segment we are joined by press-spokesman and member of the Nordic Council, Pär Öberg. We talk about Halloween and the recent trial that has gone down in Tampere, Finland.

Domestic News:

Revisit the ethnic rape stats:

Discussing the Nordic Alt-Right:

Revisiting MeToo:

The Moderates, rebranded and getting results.

  • Moderates basically hijacking the Sweden Democrats talking points.

Resistance news:

Conversation about Halloween.

All out endorsement of VK.

  • Find Andreas Johansson on there

More communists arrested after trying to violate a National Socialist demonstration.

The historical trial:

First day.

Second day.

A weekend filled with National Socialist activism:

Activism in Gothenburg.

Nest 7 on adventures again.

Double up for Nest1.

Speeches from Finland:

Janne Moilasen

Juhani Keränen

Johannes Murron

Petri Nordmanin

Radio Nordfront with Julian Bender


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