Nordic Frontier #45: Aspir Befreier

December 2, 2017

Andreas tells a story about a Blizzard in the north and the hardiness and dedication of the Nordic people.

Finnish language contains the longest known palindrome: ”Saippuakivikauppias.” It is a noun which means a dealer in lye, a seller of soapstone. Read: Soap Merchant!

We talk to Aspir Befreier about his journey, going from being an anti-racist to becoming a Nazi sympathiser, his move to his Polish roots and what he thinks can be done about the downfall of the western world.

Topics discussed:

  • Who is Aspir Befreier – his red pill journey
  • Europe of the Future conference in Poland – The different subjects brought up in his speech
  • The Nationalist march of 60 000 Nazis
  • The fall of western world and what we can do to stop it

Aspir’s speech at the conference:

Second segment.

Hitler still relevant. Check the reviews!

Domestic News:

Sweden Democrat annual conference.

Jimmy Åkesson says all the right things.

Homosexual Sweden democratic too old to plug his Muslim bf.

Resistance News:

Insane amount of activity this weekend.

Money and banks.

World Jewish Congress rustled by the rising tide of anti-semitism in the North.

Tumultuous National Socialism in Uppsala.

Interesting interview with Simon Lindberg from major Hungarian media outlet.

Reminder of demonstration in Finland.


Psychedelic furs – love my way

Beatles – Helter Skelter

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