Norm MacDonald’s Tweet About the Death of Christianity was Poetry of a Kind We Have Not Seen in a Century

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018

Norm MacDonald’s November 15th tweet on the Enlightenment and the ensuing death of Christianity is one of the most poignant and poetic things I have read from any modern commentator, including those on the far right.

In 33 words, he summed up the entire nature of our current reality in a scathing way that cuts through all of the Jewish nonsense that has been built-up to defend our current collapsing reality.

It truly is only the afterglow of Christianity that is allowing us to maintain any semblance of reality, and that light is fading quickly, and the new universe we are entering into is one of absolute darkness and chaos.

The Enlightenment was a necessary development, in my opinion, but the pursuit of pure logic, and the separation of spirituality from civil society, never should have been allowed to define our existence. This was the fundamental mistake that led to everything else we are currently dealing with.

Norm deleted the tweet, after having been swamped. I am not sure why. The man was blacklisted by the Jews when Lorne Michaels fired him from Saturday Night Live in the 90s because he refused to stop attacking OJ Simpson and Bill Clinton. He has little or nothing to lose from becoming a real voice of revolt against the modern world.

After deleting the tweet, Norm started tweeting about sports. Sports tweeting after an event of importance to show distaste for the spiritual state of the general public is now a meme.

The responses to the tweet were hilarious.

He was widely accused of being an “Alt-Right psychopath.” I guess that is what anyone who defends Christianity at this point is classified as.

This was my favorite reply – and it was among the very top replies before the deletion:

Tfw not knowing that there were multiple centuries in human history.

I am not even sure that Norm MacDonald is a Christian. My guess would be that he is something like me, a non-practitioner, but a believer in the sacred nature of the faith as an institution.

Even the most ardent atheist, if he is honest (an oxymoron, I’m sure), must admit that all of our traditions, everything good that held European society together, was tied up in Christianity, and that it was indeed the death of Christianity that allowed us to become what we currently are.

And any man with a soul has to mourn that.


I still believe that Norm MacDonald is the funniest man alive.

And it is simply obvious that if he were to be given a late night talkshow, his would be more popular than every other one on TV combined.

51% of the American population supports Donald Trump, and 0% of late night talkshow hosts don’t rabidly attack Donald Trump.

Given the basic fact that Norm is objectively funnier than all of these men, I would say that he would get 60% of the total late night audience, with the other 40% being split between these other losers.

Clearly, every Jewish television executive is aware of this. It’s not a hard calculation to make. But every one of them is willing to sacrifice what would be hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in order to keep a conservative off of the television.

Roseanne was hardly “conservative” – in fact she was Jewish – but was able to create the number one show on TV simply because she was not anti-Trump. And that was too much for these Jews, so they had to axe it.

But even without the support of these Jewish networks, I believe that there is room for Norm to leave more of a legacy to the world than simply “the funniest man who ever had his career completely torpedoed by Jews because he refused to be politically correct.”

And I hope very much that he chooses to become something more than that.