North Carolina Antifa Violently Protesting Confederate Monuments: A Lovely Bunch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2019

We’re still doing this Confederate monument thing?

Hello, 2017 department?


Authorities in Chatham County said they arrested 11 people during protests relating to a Confederate monument in Pittsboro Saturday.

The protests have been held in the town for several consecutive Saturdays with a couple of arrests each week.

The nearly dozen people arrested Saturday is the largest law enforcement action so far. Officials said in a Saturday night news release the arrests were linked to “physical altercations.”

One man from Pittsboro was arrested twice on Saturday.

“We respect every resident’s right to peacefully assemble in nonviolent protest or support of their beliefs. However, unlawful or violent behavior will not be tolerated,” says Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Chief Charles Gardner.

Look at these people:

Why are so many of them old?

How many of these are drug addicts, getting paid?

Why cares about Confederate monuments?

Do these people not have something else to do?