North Carolina: Monument Honoring White Hero to be Defaced with Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

It’s great to see that South Carolina has found a way to kike-over their own so-called “heritage law” (which is actually a racist plot to hurt the feelings of black people) and deface existing monuments that they’re not legally allowed to tear down.

Brilliant, Jewish reasoning.

The Hill:

A South Carolina mayor is adding the black victims of a Reconstruction-era clash between black militia and a white mob to a monument honoring a white supremacist, CNN reported Saturday.

“It’s an opportunity to look at something divisive for the community and hopefully make it a positive for the community,” the North Augusta Mayor┬áBob Pettit told┬áthe network.

The stone obelisk, erected in 1916, honors Thomas McKie Meriwether who died during an 1876 riot that also resulted in the deaths of seven black men.

Sounds like that was probably inspired by the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville last year.

The riot, known as the Hamburg Massacre, broke out as armed white men attempted to take over a predominantly black town of the same name, Pettit said.

The monument is inscribed with a message saying that Meriwether “exemplified the highest ideal of Anglo-Saxon civilization. By his death he assured to the children of his beloved land the supremacy of that ideal.”

Petit┬áacknowledged that┬áthe writing on the monument┬ámakes clear that the obelisk supports white supremacy, but said he does not think it can be taken down due to possible protections under South Carolina’s Heritage Act. The┬álaw prevents certain historical monuments on public land from being taken down.

Presumably, no one knows that name of the black men that died, certainly no one knows what they looked like.

So let’s maybe add a true black man who died doing what he loved?

This guy who heroically shot his girlfriend to death in a Walmart yesterday and then was killed absolutely to death by racist cops.

He has a face that would make a fine statue, and it would truly be a blessing to the black people of the world for him to be honored.

You can take the existing obelisk and just add his head to the top of it.

Then, across the side of it, add the words “BITCH I DONE TOLD YO ASS,” in reference to his heroic struggle to shut that bitch up before he was forced to heroically shoot her in the Walmart home and garden section, up the side of it.

I can promise you this: no white supremacists or neo-Nazis are going to make any pilgrimages to that, and it really captures the essence of the black experience, in the way that the dedication to providing a future for ones children captures the evil of white supremacism.