North Korea Does Not Have Either the Resources or Technology to Build a Nuclear ICBM

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2017

All throughout this North Korea farce we keep hearing the line repeated that Kim Jong Un controls nuclear weaponry capable of striking Asia as well as the west coast of America with ICBM missiles carrying a nuclear payload.

The people making that claim are either stupid or liars.

It is ridiculous the amount of resources and tech you would need to make an ICBM that would actually be able to carry and deliver a nuclear payload. North Korea does not have  the resources required to build the heat shielding needed to actually deliver a payload, or enough material to make the cluster-bomb needed to avoid missile defense systems.

For those who don’t know, the idea with using nuclear cluster-bombs to avoid nuclear defense systems is that you are to launch a missile (or several) containing several payloads – some of which are duds – to drop over the target area.

This hinders nuclear counter-measures by making it very difficult to track which payloads actually carry a nuclear payload as well as maximizing the potential for a bomb with a payload to actually land instead of being destroyed before it gets past minimum safe distance.

This obviously takes a lot of material, planning, fuel, and missile silos to pull off. You would also require some kind of satellite guidance, which the North Koreans do not possess.