Norway: Anti-Semitic Scrabble Cartoon Results in Global Outrage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2019

Typically, when I hear “this is anti-Semitic,” I say “stop right there, kike. I can already tell this is either fake or a hoax.”

However, this time the Jews may have finally found an actual anti-Semitic incident on a children’s cartoon.


A satirical cartoon on Norwegian public television has drawn complaints about anti-Semitism, after it showed a man contemplating a derogatory term in a word puzzle game Scrabble, while playing against a Jew.

Part of the NKR Humor series, the cartoon depicts an overweight man dressed as a Haredi Jew, playing Scrabble with a younger man in the park, and berating him for taking too long.

“We are clearly on different cognitive levels,” the Jewish man declares.

As the camera pans around, the reason becomes obvious: his opponent is pondering whether to reveal the winning eight-letter combination that might win him the round, but is incredibly offensive: “Jødesvin” – “Jewish pig” in Norwegian.

Norske Grønnsaker, the animators who created the clip, chose to share it on Facebook with a caption “tag a Jew,”prompting an avalanche of complaints. The video was later re-uploaded without the offending caption.

NRK Entertainment editor Charlo Halvorsen defended the video as a joke and denied it was anti-Semitic.

“The point in the sketch is precisely that the person who plays Scrabble has made a word that is indecent and indefensible. A word we can’t and shouldn’t use,” but is tempted to do so in order to win the game, Halvorsen wrote in an email to the daily Aftenposten.

Well, his life is destroyed forever.

Talk about out of touch.

This guy is so damned anti-Semitic that he doesn’t know that if you criticize the Jews, or make a joke about them on the internet, the entire world comes down on your neck like a boot the size of a skyscraper.

Good luck trying to hold your family together as your entire life comes undone because you made this joke about a Jew on the internet, Charlo. You’ll be fired, your businesses destroyed, your personal contracts broken, you might have charges pressed against you by the government – all to make certain that you suffer for having dared to offend the Chosen people of Yahweh.

I guess you should have known better, but the same Jews who control the entire world’s media and educational systems also claim they do not control these things, so a lot of people aren’t aware of just how powerful they are, and how quickly and brutally they will destroy you if you cross them in any way.