Norway: Party Wants to Send Illegal Immigrants Back to Africa

European Guardian
May 4, 2015

Per Sandberg
Per Sandberg

Norway: Per Sandberg of the Progress Party (PP) and his party colleague Siv Jensen want to send back illegal immigrants to Africa.

They raise the issue as the only viable solution to stem the inflow of thousands of African migrants. What they suggest is that instead of bringing the illegals rescued at sea to European soil they simply should be dropped of in North Africa. Their main arguments for this solution are as follows:

  1. It will make it less attractive for the illegals to try cross over to Europe by sea. Reducing the pressure on Europe.
  2. It will make it easier for European countries to help these people in North Africa as more people can be reached on one location. Using the funds European countries decide to set aside to help them.
  3. It will have positive effects on the North African countries. Giving the countries something constructive to do. Allowing them to move forward from years of totalitarian rule etc.
  4. When refugees are taken care of in close proximity of the areas they flee from it becomes much more easy to repatriate them once the conflict is over.

Their solution isn’t rocket science it seems to be exactly that to the majority of Europe’s political elite. One just has to hope that they actually understand it this time. If not we’ll have another piece of evidence pointing to the fact that our current political elite in Europe has no interest in solving the issue. That they in fact want mass immigration.

It may also not come as a surprise that the leftist in Norway have loudly criticised the suggested solution to the problem. Instead of supporting the suggested solution they want to make it even easier for immigrants to come to Norway. They’ve also said that they want to see at least 10.000 Syrian refugees to be allowed to settle in Norway.

We suggest our readers take note of this and keep an eye on what your own political representatives do. If possible give them a call or send them an email asking what their take on the Norwegian solution is. Putting pressure on our representatives is the easiest way to be active and you can do that without leaving the house.