Norway: Protesters Burn Koran, Brawl with Invaders

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

You don’t see this every day.

A Scandinavian accidentally re-discovered his testicles for a short time.

Let’s hope it catches on…


The supervised protests, during which members of a local anti-Islamic organisation slammed Islam as a religion of violence and labelling the Prophet Muhammad a “paedophile”, culminated in the central religious text of Islam being burnt, likely for the first time in Norway.


There’s really nothing else to do with that thing other than burn it.

Muslim leaders in Agder, Norway, have announced plans to file a police report after the Quran burning that occurred during a demonstration on Saturday.

The Muslim community sees this action not only as illegal but also as a “hate crime”, Akmal Ali, the leader of the Muslim Union of Agder said, according to ABC Nyheter.

And the (((authorities))) will probably be very quick to obey.

You guys ever seen Norway’s prime minister?

An old fat woman who loses sleep at night because the subhumans of Africa can’t get aspirin.

Although I must say, unlike the other old fat women who (((somehow))) got in charge of countries in Western Europe, this one actually has kids – and they’re both White!

He referred to a demonstration by Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) in Kristiansand this past Saturday, when two copies of the Quran were thrown into a garbage bin, and another set alight by the organisation’s leader Lars Thorsen.

During the event, which was supervised by over a dozen of policemen, SIAN members slammed Islam as “fascist” and a religion of violence, labelling Prophet Muhammad as a “paedophile”, the news outlet Resett reported.

Coupled with the subsequent desecration of the Qur’an, this stirred considerable rage among SIAN opponents and Muslims, who gathered for a counter-demonstration. Some eventually managed to sneak past the police barriers and attacked Thorsen.

This SIAN organization has 3,000 members in Norway, which is quite a lot considering that’s a pretty small country.

Though I wish they’d stop that crap with equating Islam to Fascism.

Mussolini never stuck his dick in any 9-year-olds.

​While the demonstration was allowed by the police, SIAN received no permit to burn the Quran, which is why the police promptly interfered to terminate the event.

“Such actions are controversial. There is strong engagement. And that is why we did not allow open fire,” Agder Police Chief Morten Sjustøl told ABC Nyheter.

And remember – all the people who think this is not okay also support the junkies in Hong Kong literally setting people on fire.

Because that’s how principles and values work.

Resett suggested that this may have been the first public burning of the Quran in Norway and definitely the first one SIAN has ever attempted.

“We must focus on the politicians’ betrayal against us and against the Muslims,” Lars Thorsen said, explaining his stance to Resett upon his release.

By his own admission, there are different opinions within SIAN on whether or not it is appropriate to burn the Quran. Still, reruns of this event cannot be ruled out, he said.

“It turns out to be a good way to visualise the negative power that is in Islam,” Thorsen explained.

The Quran burning was later condemned by Turkey.

Yeah, well, of course most of them are gonna cuck, what can you do?

I mean, in Norway, being a real man who loves his country and does the right thing has serious consequences.

Just look at how the traitorous vermin are treating Breivik.

But still, every time you burn of one of the ragheads’ pedomanuals, it’s good in the long run.