Norway: White Nationalist Conference Successfully Held in Oslo

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2017

Olav Torheim explaining how language shapes thinking

Whilst “Homoslo” (as the faggots called it) was in the grips of Gay Pride, upstanding people gathered in a separate location to celebrate a very different kind of pride, White pride that is. In what is the largest meeting of its kind to be held in Norway in quite some time, the Scandza forum drew roughly 100 people from a dozen different countries to its conference titled “Globalism Versus the Ethnostate.”

On the speaker list were illustrious names such as Mike Enoch, Millenial Woes, Greg Johnson, Olav Torheim and yours truly. A wide variety of topics were covered, from research on language and its impact on mental models, whites becoming a minority in their own homelands, as well as the death of democracy. Thanks to Reinhard Wolf, footage of these speeches should soon be available on Red Ice’s website.

Millenial Woes contemplating our racial displacement

Mike Enoch explaining how the founding fathers were explicitly white nationalists

More important than the content however, was the opportunity for white nationalists to meet one another and discuss their political views in a friendly setting. Not everyone had the same disposition, and the event was infiltrated by a lesbian journalist named Ida Wammer, who detests white nationalists so much that she’d rather spend her afternoon with us than degenerately cavorting in the pride parade. Unfortunately for her, her delicate sensibilities could not stand the rooms political disposition towards the LGBTQTPI community, and she left in disgust roughly halfway through the event.

Ida Wammer and her gay lover wearing caps with the caption “fucking faggot,” really makes you think.

Meanwhile Norwegian media inadvertently spread the message of white displacement to 1.5 million Norwegians when they ran an article on their page titled “Conference at secret location in Oslo this weekend: “Whites are becoming a minority””

Thanks to reporter, anti-facist, and LeVeyan Satanist, John Færseth (who finds OUR morals abhorrent), we were given a megaphone to spread choice quotes like these to nearly 30% of Norway’s population:

“The description [FB event] states that whites are becoming a minority in several countries, and that the politicians are leaving Europe and the US to immigrants without having asked the public” and “Both Johnson and Peinovich promote a message of the white race as under threat by the demographic development, and as victims of a modern-day pop-culture which villainizes white men in movies and TV.”

Thanks again Færseth, couldn’t have done it without you.

Scandza forum is having another event in October, if you’re interested in attending then feel free to reach out to Scandza forum on facebook. Help us reclaim Scandinavia.