Now Assad is OVENING THOUSANDS!!! It’s Decision Time, Donald Trump!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2017

Well, here it is.

I told you something interesting was going to happen.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s big article on the Trump situation, go do that.

It explains the events leading up to this.

Trump got out of line, so the Jews are attempting to line him back up.


The United States has evidence Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government has built a crematorium at a large military prison outside the capital Damascus, a State Department official said on Monday.

Stuart Jones, acting assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, said U.S. officials believe the crematorium could be used to dispose of bodies at a prison where they believe Assad’s government authorized the mass hangings of thousands of inmates during Syria’s six-year-old civil war.

“Credible sources have believed that many of the bodies have been disposed in mass graves,” Jones told reporters. During the briefing, he showed aerial images of what he said was a crematorium.

“We now believe that the Syrian regime has installed a crematorium in the Sednaya prison complex which could dispose of detainees’ remains with little evidence.”

Because of “credible sources.”

First Assad is gassing people, now he’s ovening them – is this supposed to be some kind of sick joke for the Jews, or are they truly that unoriginal?

I suppose they know that they’ve programmed people with the Holocaust so long, it works best to reference that.

Amnesty International reported in February that an average of 20 to 50 people were hanged each week at the Sednaya military prison north of Damascus. Between 5,000 and 13,000 people were executed at Sednaya in the four years since a popular uprising descended into war, it said.

Jones also said he was not optimistic about a Russia-brokered deal to set up “de-escalation zones” inside Syria. The deal was reached with support from Iran and Turkey during ceasefire talks in the Kazakh capital of Astana earlier this month. Jones attended the talks.

Jones said Assad’s government had carried out air strikes, chemical attacks, extrajudicial killings, starvation, and other measures to target civilians and its opponents. He criticized Russia and Iran for maintaining their support for Assad despite those tactics.

“These atrocities have been carried out seemingly with the unconditional support from Russia and Iran,” Jones said. “The (Assad) regime must stop all attacks on civilian and opposition forces. And Russia must bear responsibility to ensure regime compliance.”

He did not say what measures the United States might take if Russia does not change its stance.





That all caps bit there – that is actually what they are literally saying.

Melted snow.

These are old pictures.

This Jones guy comes out and says this.

He’s the “acting assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs.”

Here’s his full bit.

Seriously watch this it’s nuts. He’s like “well we’ve got these photos from a while back, we also heard something from some guys at some organizations, there’s melted snow, they put 70 people in a 5 person room someone said… so basically, the bottom line is: this is a genocide, and it’s Russia’s fault.”

Tillerson didn’t say it. Kirby didn’t say it. Not even Haley said it. Just some low level official – but every news report is “US GOVERNMENT SAYS.”

The sickening faggot Shep Smith went so far as to say the WHITE HOUSE released the photos. And then watch his correspondent say “THE ADMINISTRATION.”

Well, it’s just this Jones guy.

Watch the guy Shep goes to say that no one even knows if it’s a crematorium, someone just said it sort of looks like one.

But it’s a MEDIA STORM. Top story on every mainstream news site.

Just like with GAS BABY MEME.

They are doing the exact same thing, again.

Attempting to put Trump in line.

As always, I have to say, I don’t know what is happening behind the scenes.

But come on.

He fires Comey, meets with Lavrov, then the Russian conspiracy theory – WHICH NO ONE HAD TALKED ABOUT FOR FIVE WEEKS – is back.

James Clapper – THE FORMER HEAD OF ALL OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE – said that the government was UNDER ASSAULT by Donald Trump.

Then this.

Trump had to have known they would do this move again. He had to have known.

His response is going to be very, very, very important.

I don’t think he would have done whatever he did behind the scenes without being ready to tell these Jews with their stupid oven hoax to go fuck themselves.

But they would have to know that he was ready to tell them to do that?


We’ll be keeping you updated on this one for sure.

So far no one that matters has even commented on it, which is in itself utterly bizarre.

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