Now on the Loose, Tommy Robinson Goes on the Attack! As Do Jews!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

It is truly an incredible piece of British history that by rioting in the streets, the British were able to free a political prisoner.

You can get bogged down in the fact that Tommy Robinson is really just a classical liberal who hates Islam and so on, but the fact remains: the British people, who we all mocked as ultimo-cucks, literally rioted to free a political prisoner. And the British establishment folded.

That is something.

A lesson has surely been learned: persistent protests DO WORK.

Get this: he refused to talk to the BBC, but now the BBC is being attacked by other media for allegedly not attacking him enough!

The plan of the kike media now is literally to simply pretend as if the right wing does not exist. This is what they are trying to do with the Daily Stormer and the Alt-Right generally after several reports were published saying we trolled them:

Newsweek fired their Alt-Right beat guy, Michael Edison Hayden, and all has generally been quiet.

The idea of “we have to expose them” has been replaced with “JUST SHUT IT ALL DOWN, TOO MANY GOYIM ARE KNOWING!”


After leaving prison yesterday, English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson told the BBC “all you do is lie” refusing to give them comment. Despite this, the BBC is now accused of providing ‘a platform to the far-right.’

Despite vowing not to speak to them, many of Robinson’s supporters have taken the opportunity, much to the chagrin of anti-racist activists and left-leaning journalists, among others.

Since Robinson’s release on bail, BBC Radio 4 interviewed two of his prominent supporters; Ezra Levant, correspondent for the right-wing Canada-based Rebel Media, and former editor of Breitbart London, Raheem Kassam. Upon hearing the interview with Kassam, Labour MP David Lammy attacked the BBC for not challenging his claim that Steve Bannon is a “Kennedy democrat.”

So a Jew and a Paki being given a platform to talk about a Zionist anti-Moslem activist is now too much for British media.

Two top Guardian columnists also lost their shit.

A bunch of other people did too – calling the Jew and Paki “literal neo-Nazis.”

I’m not sure what exactly the Jews are planning here.

Labour Party members are literally calling for an extermination of Jews.

I mean, if I was Jewish, I would probably be a little bit more open to a pro-Jewish anti-Moslem guy, when the traditionally Jew-communist party is embracing a literal kind of Nazi-Islamic hybrid policy.

But nah.

They’re calling the guy who supports Jews – and his Jew and Paki supporters – “neo-Nazis” and demanding them be silenced.

But yeah, wow.

Tommy is out.

Robinson’s conviction for contempt of court was overturned after a court ruled that the process leading to the conviction of the former leader of the English Defence League ‘was flawed.’ The move was cheered by around 20 supporters outside the courthouse, who were opposed by activists from the group Stand Up To Racism

During his imprisonment demonstrations – attracting thousands – were held to demand Robinson be released. One of the protests descended into violence with a portion of Robinson’s supporters and counter-demonstrators attacking police and each other.
Robinson is not yet an entirely free man as he has been released on bail – with conditions attached

The Guardian reports that Robinson has been ordered to attend a retrial in London and to remain at least 400 meters away from Leeds crown court while on bail.

As far as all that goes – I think we should absolutely be supporting Tommy and his fight for free speech against Islam, while also pointing out the flaws in his entire thing. Just like I’m trying to do in this article.

Yes, he is a Jew-lover. But he is also under attack by Jews. And the free speech thing is very important for everyone. If you have a situation where you can be locked-up for protesting Moslem rape gangs, you have a serious, serious problem in your country.

This is my general approach to the “Alt-Lite” classical liberal movement. They are also opposing the current establishment. So whatever. A lot of people move from their movement into more hardcore stuff. So we should be critical, but also offer support when it is deserved.

And Tommy did deserve it. As did his supporters.

And we should learn from the protests themselves. Because I cannot tell you how amazing it is for a mob to force the will of a court like this. It is an historic moment.

We need to focus on what it was that was able to get people out into the street in these numbers… and the three basic things were:

  • Hatred of Moslems
  • Support of free speech
  • A popular figure who had cultivated a celebrity status being martyred

Lodge that in your brain.