Now That’s Entertainment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2019

Can you believe that right now there are people on planet earth that watch sports other than MMA?


The middleweight title bout between MMA fighters Chris Curtis and Matt Dwyer turned into a gruesome bloodbath in Canada on Friday night, after Dwyer’s nose erupted following a crunching right hand from his opponent.

The pair were meeting in the Z Promotions Fight Night 9 event in Alberta when the gory scenes played out.

With both having landed heavy shots in the opening three rounds, Curtis connected with a huge right to splatter Dwyer’s nose in the fourth, starting a seemingly endless flow of blood.

US fighter Curtis, 31, was heard saying “there’s so much blood” to his cornerman as the pair slipped around on the claret-soaked canvas.

UFC veteran Dwyer incredibly managed to continue and even posed problems for Curtis as the pair went all out in the fifth round.

‘The Action Man’ Curtis went on to win via a unanimous points decision at Enmax Centre in Lethbridge, improving his record to 20-5 overall.

The black guy ended up winning, but it was a real win after a good hard fight, unlike Dana White’s twisted niggerfest BDSM hoaxes.

This wasn’t UFC.

Dana White and that entire demented circus show are hopefully going to go away. More and more, we’re seeing good events from smaller promoters.

You can find the whole Chris Curtis v Matt Dwyer fight from last night online, though I won’t link it for legal reasons.