NPR Host: “ICE is Trump’s Gestapo”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2017

You better watch what you say on national television, Juanita, or the ICE-stapo is gonna getcha.

Every night, I dream about black-clad men busting down doors and rounding-up men, women and children to put them on cattle cars headed for the nearest shithole country. I invariably wake up refreshed and in a good mood.

As it turns out, it appears that spics have similar dreams, but don’t appreciate them in the same way that I do.

Why this seemingly irrational fear of right-wing death squads? If you’re not all in this country illegally as invaders, why are you feeling stressed?

Hmmmm… That’s a tough one.

NTK Network:

Maria Hinojosa, an NPR host who covers Latino issues for the publicly-funded station, compared officers for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to agents of the Gestapo, Nazi Germany’s secret police, in an appearance on MSNBC on Friday.

At first criticizing President Trump for his offensive comments about immigrants in the Oval Office on Thursday, Hinojosa pivoted to immigration enforcement as a whole.

“When the president says this, basically, ‘Take them out,’ that is what the community is saying, ‘This is fearful for us. This is the Gestapo on us,’” she told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “The troops on the ground of ICE, they’re ready to swing into action.”

I wish.

Velshi took issue with her comparison of ICE agents to the Gestapo: “I understand the fears that people feel. Of course, I want to separate the idea that ICE agents are like Gestapo.”

Hinojosa interrupted him, standing by her characterization.

“It is very painful to have to say these things, but the things that are happening – people are being asked for their citizenship when they’re getting on buses in upstate New York,” she responded. “Agents are getting on trains and going through the train and spotting people and saying, ‘What is your citizenship?’”

Hinojosa described the comparison between ICE and Gestapo as “horrible” but implied it was necessary and accurate. “Horrible things being said right now is part of the United States, 2018,” she added.

I agree that the comparison is necessary, but not that it’s accurate. ICE should definitely compare themselves to the Gestapo in order to refine their approach over time – but it’s clear that they’re not there yet.

As long as there’s still uppity beaners whining on TV about the “rights” of these invaders, ICE will have a long way to go towards making America great again.

But the efforts they’ve been making are certainly heartening.