NYC: Jewish Thugs Terrorize 92-Year-Old War Veteran Outside His House – No Police in Sight

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

Every year, Queens Jewry leads a mob of hooligans to a quiet residential street to threaten and intimidate a 92-year-old World War II veteran. Somehow, the NYPD allows this harassment to happen, even though they break numerous local ordinances (such as the use of the megaphone, blocking the sidewalk, harassment/stalking, etc.) Well, not somehow – the law just doesn’t apply to Jewish criminals.

The target of this terror is Jakiw Palij, a man who has never been charged with any specific war crimes, even under the very “lax” precedent established at Nuremberg. He worked as a guard at Treblinka, and for this alone was stripped of his US citizenship by a judge in 2004. He was ordered deported (apparently NYC is only a sanctuary city for Mexican rapists), but no country will take him, so he is suffering his final years in a horrifying limbo.

In this year’s protest, a Jew in a yarmulke stood on Palij’s property, beating on the door and frantically ringing his doorbell as students from a local Yeshiva hate-school screamed for his head.

Jerusalem Post:

Student protesters gathered outside of accused Nazi camp guard Jakiw Palij in New York on Monday (April 24) calling on the US government to extradite him for war crimes.

The protest was organized by Rambam Mesivta high school and its dean Zev Friedman. The event was timed to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“We’re teaching the next generation the importance of remembrance, which is for Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s an obligation on all people to remember the tragedy that took place in the past so history does not repeat itself. We are specifically rallying outside the home of this Nazi murderer who killed 6,000 people during World War II to let him know we did not forget and to send a message to the world that he does not belong in the United States,” said Friedman.

“He still lives freely in this house, can walk the streets like a free person.
And he’s been ordered to be extradited from this country and yet he’s still here and no country will take him. I think it’s a complete injustice,” said Sammy Bergman, teacher at Rambam Mesivta.

This is really about elder Jews inculcating the next generation in their myths by opportunistically targeting this elderly man. By whipping their high school students into a frenzy every year, they have established a ritual meant to cultivate hate for the Goyim in the hearts of their youth. “Holocaust survivors” know full well that there were no gas chambers or homicidal ovens*.

The logistics may be difficult, as in, the NYPD won’t give goyim a permit, but what if next year these Jews were met with counter-protesters standing up for this elderly man, informing them that the Holocaust is a lie?

Could we get 30-40 good citizens on a weekday afternoon to go to Queens and stand up in front of this man’s door, defying the terrorist threats of this Jewish mob? Let’s see if they will pick on somebody their own size!

There’s a whole year to think about this, but it may be an important statement to make. The people of America have had enough of Jews bullying and committing crimes against our most vulnerable.  It’s about time we start to raise our own voices to counter their fictitious narratives.

Being a World War II veteran – on either side – is not a crime.

*Editor’s Note: I am not convinced the “survivors” actually do “know full well” that the Holocaust was a hoax, as I believe Jewish psychology is very similar to the psychology of a normal psychopath, where they are incapable of distinguishing between what is real and lies they tell in order to push their own agendas. I personally believe that Jews create their own realities in their minds in order to fit their racial agenda, which is why they are so good at lying – they believe things are true simply because they say them. Being able to believe something is true simply because you said it is an extremely beneficial biological trait for a parasite. Women also do this – believe things are true because they feel they are true. This is a rare place where Striker and I have agreed to disagree. -AA