NZ: Shitlib Panic Over “Far-Right Tattoo” Leads to Mass Evacuation of Disgusting Rasta Concert

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

This is how fragile and pathetic shitlib Whites are.

What appeared to be a far-right tattoo was the cause of thousands being evacuated from Wellington’s Homegrown festival.

Detective sketch of the possible right-wing tattoo

Concert-goers at the dub and roots stage in Waitangi Park were evacuated about 9.20pm on Saturday after security raised concerns about an attendee. They were allowed back in after about 20 minutes.

Police on Sunday morning said fears were raised about a man who appeared to have a far-right tattoo and was thought to be acting suspiciously. 

These degenerates thought that their day had finally come and were walking on eggshells the whole time, even while they were loaded on drugs.

And yes, this was some sort of a Dubstep Rasta concert.

While I have never condoned or supported anti-Rasta terrorism, the idea of people attending degenerate music concerts fearing for their lives does make me chuckle.

What’s more, the “far-right terror threat” lol interrupted the mandatory minute of virtue-sniveling.

It was this that sparked the evacuation but it turned out the tattoo was traditional and not tied to far-right ideology, police said.

Homegrown spokeswoman Kelly Wright said about 5000 people were evacuated following an incident “deemed enough of a threat to evacuate”. However, concert-goers returned shortly before 10pm, Wright said.

The evacuation meant a moment’s silence was not held at the planned time at the dub and roots stage. 

Like, false alarm scoobs! 

Statistically speaking, concert-goers have much more to fear from niggers in attendance or in the parking lot waiting to rob drunk/high people or Moslem terrorists trying to slaughter huge numbers of White people all packed tightly together.

And on some level, I think even these brain-dead hippies understand that.

But they can’t mention the fact that everyone feels a little jumpy these days going into high-density areas like concerts where mass slaughters have been taking place with more and more frequency because that would be committing a Racism. Shitlibs only feel comfortable admitting that they’re afraid of right-wing terror.

But hey, that’s just me lighting up a cig and putting on my detective hat, taking a puff and musing on the nature of Homo Liberalis.

Zoinks! They sure are stupid, aren’t they scoob? 

I’ve never heard of an indiscriminate right-wing terror attack on shitlibs listening to shitty music, no matter how degenerate and unworthy of life they are.

This is not a thing.

As we all well know, however, the opposite is simply not true.

Lefties have far more hatred for righties than righties have for lefties. The kill-count proves this beyond the shadow of a doubt.