Obama and Bush Shocked They were Asked to Speak at McCain’s Funeral

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

Fuck you for putting that flag on your coffin, John McCain. You have no right. You could have used the Red Chinese flag, the Israeli flag or the ISIS flag. Dead or alive, you have no claim to the American flag, John McCain. 

John McCain’s Funeral is going to be a mourning of the death of the old Jewish world order, which was brutally murdered by the Our Savior Donald Trump.

The Hill:

Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were reportedly surprised when late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) asked them to deliver eulogies at his funeral earlier this year, CNN reports.

Bush and Obama both faced the late senator in brutal presidential races in the 2000 primary and 2008 general, respectively.

Their roles in McCain’s upcoming funeral are considered a call for civility and bipartisanship in politics.

McCain called each former president this past spring and asked them to participate, according to CNN.

One person who will not be in attendance at the funeral is President Trump, with whom McCain had a strained relationship.

It isn’t a “call for civility and bipartisanship,” it is a call to return to the uniparty system, wherein both Democrats and Republicans amounted to the exact same thing: shills for the Jews, hellbent on destroying America.

The story was of Republican and Democrat passing the ball to each other so they could advance a different part of the Jewish agenda.

George Bush focused on:

  • Starting endless wars for Israel
  • Moving the rest of our industry to the third world
  • Mass brown immigration

Barack Obama focused on:

  • Pushing a faggot/feminist social order
  • Inciting a race war
  • More mass brown immigration

The differences between the parties were nigh indistinguishable – simple emotional issues, such as gay sex or abortion, along with ostensibly substantial variations in tax schemes (none of the variations seemed to affect normal people, however).

Palin Not Invited

Interestingly, Sarah Palin, who ran with McCain in 2008 to lose against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, was not even invited to his funeral.

It goes to show both what a petty piece of shit this communist traitor was, and even more so to demonstrate his desire to show the world what a petty piece of shit he was. There is no good reason to do this, other than to make a statement.

I think maybe he blames her for his loss to Obama, given that she was used as the punchline to all the jokes of that election cycle. She also temporarily supported Trump, before withdrawing support. Palin also supported ousting Paul Ryan.

Little Lindsey Bends the Knee

McCain’s cocksucking sidekick Lindsey Graham gave a speech on the Senate floor this week where he cried literal tears about McCain’s doom.

I don’t know if they had gay sex together or if they just both went to parties where they engaged together in sex with young pubescent boys, but clearly, this is a serious emotional connection they had.

But while Graham was always the wingman for McCain’s Jewish agendas of mass immigration and endless war, it appears that with the big guy in the ground, he is going to be a lot nicer to President Donald Trump.


Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that President Donald Trump called him after he delivered an emotional farewell to Sen. John McCain on the Senate floor, telling the South Carolina Republican he “did right by his friend.”

“He called yesterday after my speech and he couldn’t have been nicer. He said, ‘That was very sad. I just want to let you know you did right by your friend.’ I said, Thank you Mr. President.'” Graham told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview on “Inside Politics” Wednesday, adding that the call from the President was “right out of the blue.”

Never one to mince words, Graham admitted when Trump “says something bad about John, it pisses me off.”

Asked by Bash how he squares his close friendship with McCain to his new relationship with Trump, Graham said, “If you know anything about me, I want to be relevant. I want to make sure that this President, Donald Trump, who I didn’t vote for, ran against, is successful.”

He added, “To those who want me to say the only way you can honor John McCain is to fight Donald Trump and try to kick him out of office, I don’t agree. I’m going to do what I think is best for the country using what John taught me about the country.”

I’m actually going to cross the Rubicon and say that I genuinely respect Lindsey Graham for saying that the only reason he is betraying his dead friend and supporting that friend’s arch-nemesis is because he wants to be relevant.

It’s not clear how Graham is going to be able to support Donald Trump, given that he has all of these people he’s been payed to please who he has to serve who have conflicting interests with Trump.

Paul Ryan and many others are resigning simply because they cannot fulfill their obligations as shills in the era of Trump. They get all these “campaign funds” to shill, and I assume it is very frustrating to just not be able to effectively shill.

In the case of Graham, I would assume he also shills because there exist compromising photos of him with adolescent boys.

So I don’t really grasp how he could manage to “flip.”

But maybe he can do some kind of half-in, half-out thing. I guess that even if he has to stop pushing for mass immigration, and claiming that the President is a Russian shill, his masters would still rather keep him around to push for infinity dollars to Israel (which is the only thing you are currently still allowed to shill for and be a part of Trump’s thing).

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