Obama Sends #1 Stunna Eric Holder to France to Protect Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2015

"Nigga if ah knew wut in fug was goin on, wood ah be her?" -Eric Holder at a recent press conference
“Nigga if ah knew wut in fug was goin on, wood ah be her?” -Eric Holder at a recent press conference

Obongo has announced that he will be sending his right-hand “nigga” Eric Holder, whom he has often described as a “Number One Stunna” to France.  As Holder has a long history of protecting Moslems from discrimination through bullying, one can only assume that the main reason Obama is sending the Stunna is to protect the terrorists.

Daily Caller:

“There can be no ‘us’ or ‘them’ among Americans,” Holder said at a 2010 dinner held by the California-based group Muslim Advocates. “And I believe that law enforcement has an obligation to ensure that members of every religious community enjoy the ability to worship and to practice their faith in peace, free from intimidation, violence or suspicion. That is the right of all Americans. And it must be a reality for every citizen.”

“We have also strengthened efforts to prevent and combat hate crimes — and to protect American Muslims from acts of violence and discrimination,” Holder said.

“More than ever before, all 94 U.S. Attorneys Offices are partnering with the Department’s Civil Rights Division to act as force multipliers in helping to deliver our nation’s most vital protections to their communities. Just this past Tuesday, nearly a third of the nation’s United States Attorneys gathered in Washington for an unprecedented meeting to work on this issue — and to identify additional ways to strengthen outreach to Muslim and Arab-American communities.”

“Since September 11th, 2001, the Justice Department has investigated hundreds of incidents involving violence, threats, vandalism, and arson against Muslims and Arab Americans. In the last fiscal year, the Department indicted more hate crime defendants than any year since 1996, and convicted more hate crime defendants than any year since 2000.”

I mean, niggas, there are some who think getting shot with a rocket launcher for drawing a cartoon is a bad thing, but no one argues that it can possibly compare to such a horrible thing as hurting the feelings of a Moslem by making them feel they are not welcome to express themselves in vibrant and diverse ways in all Western countries.