Oh, So Now the Troops are Leaving the Border???

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2018

Well ain’t that some bulllllllshit.


The 5,800 troops who were rushed to the southwest border amid President Donald Trump’s pre-election warnings about a refugee caravan will start coming home as early as this week — just as some of those migrants are beginning to arrive.

Democrats and Republicans have criticized the deployment as a ploy by the president to use active-duty military forces as a prop to try to stem Republican losses in this month’s midterm elections.

The general overseeing the deployment told POLITICO on Monday that the first troops will start heading home in the coming days as some are already unneeded, having completed the missions for which they were sent. The returning service members include engineering and logistics units whose jobs included placing concertina wire and other barriers to limit access to ports of entry at the U.S.-Mexico border.

All the troops should be home by Christmas, as originally expected, Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan said in an interview Monday.

“Our end date right now is 15 December, and I’ve got no indications from anybody that we’ll go beyond that,” said Buchanan, who leads the land forces of U.S. Northern Command.

I get that these people are now locked in Tijuana.

And apparently, they are being processed and Trump has no way to stop that. Apparently. All he can do is slow the process to a halt.

But more and more of these people are coming every day. New caravans are forming constantly.

So why remove the troops?

Is it because Trump doesn’t have the ability to tell Mattis what to do?

Mattis has certainly repeatedly countered the President, publicly, and claimed he wouldn’t do what he was told.

So why not fire him then? Or charge him with some crime?

How is it possible that Trump has no ability to do anything?

Obviously, Trump knows what we all want, and even if you believe he doesn’t care about America – I obviously believe he does – you certainly can’t argue that he doesn’t care about being popular.

So the only answer to any of this is that he doesn’t have any power at all.

And if that is the situation, he needs to declare martial law and bring in Russian peacekeepers.

Because this is all rapidly spiraling completely out of control.

And we’re not even talking about the caravan now – we’re talking about some asshole who took ten years to catch Osama Bin Laden, who I assume was already dead before that.

Fuck all that stupid Middle East bullshit. Jews did 911 anyway.

If Seal Team Six were heroes, they would be killing Mexicans, or better yet, Jews and black people.

No one cares about whoever that asshole Trump is attacking is. Yeah, I get that it’s funny to laugh at some random asshole and get the media to piss their pants over it. Everyone thinks that’s funny.

This guy is obviously a complete shitbag and is lying about killing Osama Bin Laden, who was already dead.

There aren’t even any pictures of his body, except one that is obviously fake.

Seriously – that is the fakest thing I’ve seen in my life.

They dumped his body in the ocean before anyone was able to identify it because they didn’t want to bury him somewhere that would become a place of pilgrimage?

Fuck you, that is so retarded not even a retard would believe it – only a boomer.

Anyway, i don’t care about any of that.

We do not have a wall, we have some shitty barb wire, we have an army of orcs, and now the military is going home.

A lolz-master-in-chief is good, but it would be great if something more than lolz was happening out this bitch.