Ohio: Democrats Switching Sides to Vote for Trump!

Daily Stormer
March 11, 2016

The big deal on Tuesday is going to be Ohio.

Here are the polls (minus Missouri, which hasn’t had one since August for whatever reason):

RealClearPolitics - March 15 Republican Primaries and Caucuses

After last night’s debate, which certainly didn’t lose him any support and absolutely gained him support among more cucked persons who respond better to a more relaxed vibe, we’re looking very good everywhere. But for whatever reason, Ohioans like Kasich (actually I’m an Ohioan and know the reasons people like him but those reasons aren’t relevant to the Presidential race).

There will be a challenge there. And we really, really need these delegates – it’s winner-take-all.

So it’s very good news that Democrats are switching over to vote for Trump.