Ohio: Nine “KKK Members” Engage in Ritual White Racial Humiliation March

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2019

Following the unfortunate incident wherein the KKK’s most prominent organizer was caught fucking his mother-in-law and beating up his wife in front of his kids at his trailer park, the KKK has really gone to shit.

The Hill:

A Klu Klux Klan (KKK) rally held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday drew only nine members to the event and hundreds of counterprotesters.

The rally was held in the center of downtown Dayton at Courthouse Square and was hosted by the Honorable Sacred Knights of Indiana, which has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a KKK hate group.

Though the rally, which received a permit from Montgomery County earlier this year, was slated to have 10 to 20 or more members of the group in attendance, police say only nine members showed up.

Footage captured from the rally showed the small group of members stationed behind police escorts and several fences while waving KKK flags and the U.S. flag at times.

But on the opposite side of Courthouse Square, hundreds of counterprotesters, some of whom were armed, could be seen swarming the area for much of the rally, which lasted roughly three hours.

Byron Benoin, a school teacher from Chicago who attended the rally as a member of his church group, told The Hill that he and his friends were demonstrating to “promote good and truth” and show that “all men are equal.”

“It’s very shocking to me,” the 42-year-old said of the rally. “I mean, being a black man from Chicago, and in your mind you feel like you’re past certain things that you’re not going to see, and it’s just shocking that you’re actually gonna see something like this.” 

It’s shocking that you traveled from Chicago to see nine sloppy fat guys waving flags.

I wouldn’t be shocked, Mr. Negro, sir.

You see, this is a performance by the federal cops, designed to humiliate white people.

Other than the fact that this is simply obvious, that’s the only possible reason that there wouldn’t be violence. Whenever normal white people – or even multiracial groups defending white civilization, i.e. The Proud Boys – try to organize and demonstrate, the cops allow the protesters to attack them, and then the white people are charged with felonies for being attacked.

But when weird antisocial people go out there to make white people look stupid and pathetic, they never have any problems.

Even when you’ve got Antifa there with rifles, ostensibly to menace them.

This is what you call “ritual performance art.”

Federal informants dress up like “WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO-NAZIS” and then the federal cop-backed Antifa hold their ritual “anti-hate” protest, with all of their cult chants.

The blacks come out and march so that the Antifa can worship them as gods.

The sole purpose of the event is to remind everyone that whites are evil.

After the Charlottesville debacle, normal white people became unwilling to be a part of this ritual. Matt Heimbach, the leader of various neo-Nazi and KKK groups, continued to do the ritual for a while, but he ended up with trailer park troubles, and his thing ended. He then tried to join another such group, but was kicked out for promoting communism.

Now there just isn’t anyone left willing to engage in this behavior.

So they have to send out nine federal agents, so the ritual of white humiliation can take place.

This fat bitch has to have something to give her life meaning, what with the never having children and the fact that no one will ever love her.

And all of America must be reminded: white people are evil.

They are filled with hatred for the color of the skin.

And they mostly look like this:

They are lonely, out of shape men in masks whose entire purpose is to make themselves look pathetic and evil, while making the enemies of the white race – monkeylike negroes, trannies and fat women – look strong and righteous.

Of course, no one knows who any of these people are.

I’m told that I’m the world’s number one white supremacist neo-Nazi, and I don’t know who these people are.

And I don’t know of anyone who endorses this ritual BDSM type behavior, racially humiliating whites, aggressively trying to make white people not want to be associated with pro-white politics.

But it keeps happening. And it will keep happening. Because the feds will make sure it keeps happening.

I will say, however, that it is encouraging that they can only get nine people out there to engage in this anti-white racial humiliation ritual. People appear to have learned the lesson, and now it’s only cops involved.

In Case You Still Don’t Understand What is Going On Here

These people are literally filling in a stereotype that Jews created of evil white people.

If I had the ability, I would pay a group of Jews with beards, locks and yarmulkes to go out and hold up signs that say “goyim are our slaves,” “we run America,” “time for open borders,” “we killed Christ,” “watch more porno, goyim – don’t breed,” “adjustable rate mortgages” and “transgender bathrooms now.”

Because then I could say “look at these Jews – they’re exactly what I said they are!”

Sending pathetic, fat, poorly-dressed white people out to march around does exactly this for the Jews. They are able to point at these people and say “see, look at them – they’re exactly what we said – a bunch of angry losers, who hate the color of the skin because they’ve failed at their own lives.”

It is the singular most obvious thing in the world that Jews are creating ultra-maximum confirmation bias by promoting these odd KKK rallies in the media. And then when you realize that no one knows who any of these people are, and that they never get doxed, it becomes obvious that it is the Jewish-controlled state itself that is staging these rallies in order to solidify the anti-white agenda.

Of course, there isn’t anything we can do about it. They are going to keep doing this ritual, because they can always find some meth-head who will go wave a flag for $200 and claim to be the representative of all white people who don’t conform to the Jewish system.

But we should at least understand what this is.