Ohio: Two More White Cops Assassinated by Colored Man

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2018

In America, all cops are reduced to the level of zookeeper.

Their primary job is regulating the behavior of a bunch of savage animals. Sometimes, these animals murder them because they resent being regulated.


Two Ohio police officers were fatally shot Saturday while responding to a 911 hangup call involving potential domestic abuse, authorities said.

Westerville Police Officers Eric Joering, 39, and Anthony Morelli, 54, were shot as they entered an apartment in Westerville, Division of Police Chief Joe Morbitzer said. Westerville is a northern suburb of Columbus.

“Both officers gave their lives in the protection of others,” Morbitzer said through tears. “Those are true American heroes.”

The suspect, Quentin Lamar Smith, was hospitalized and taken into custody, police spokeswoman Christa Dickey said. On Sunday, he was charged with two counts of aggravated murder.

The 911 caller was identified as the suspect’s wife, Candace Smith. Police records show that officers previously visited the Smith home for reports of domestic violence.

This is in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Westerville used to be a clean white suburb. It’s where my grandparents used to live. Now it’s a disaster, a mix of black people, Somalians, Mexicans and a few white people who couldn’t get out.

I’m not sure what to even say about these events at this point. They are happening more than once a week now.

The blacks used to respect the fact that the cops were in charge. They looked at them like a more powerful gang, and so there was natural difference to them. That was before the Obama era, when he began riling them up and claiming that they had moral authority over the cops, something that they never would have otherwise thought of, as they naturally determine moral authority by power level.

This is going to keep happening and it is going to keep happening more and more often. They only solution to it would be to prevent the media from promoting the idea that black people are victims. But that’s not happening.