Oklahoma: 56%-er Arrested Over the Murder of His White Teen Girlfriend

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2019

Tanner Washington and Faith Lindsey.

What kind of cuck father lets his 17-year-old daughter live with some dysgenic mystery meat?

Daily Mail:

The boyfriend of an Oklahoma teenager missing since November has been arrested in connection with her murder.

Police arrested Tanner Washington, 24, on Thursday at a 7-11 store in Del City on a first-degree murder charge in connection with the case of missing 17-year-old Faith Lindsey.

Lindsey was last seen on October 28, 2019, and was reported missing on November 4 by her relatives.

Her sister, Justice, told Dateline in early December that she was living with Tanner and recounted what occurred when she went missing.

‘He texted me Monday night saying that he can’t find her, she’s missing, freaking out. She’s always contacted me. She knows my number by heart.’

She then claimed that she began getting strange texts from her sister and grew more alarmed.

Justice said messages sent from her sister’s phone claimed she was with an individual who refused to take her home.

‘She was misspelling a lot of things that night, and Faith [Lindsey], she has very good punctuation and spelling, and that just wasn’t her,’ Justice said, according to Dateline. ‘She kept trying to call me a lot, but hang up as soon as I answered.’

Officials arrested Washington after he allegedly lied about how she went missing.

According to KFOR, he allegedly told someone that Faith went missing as she had been been shot at the end of October.

‘He reported that he had received a text message that she had been shot,’ Seminole County Undersheriff Matt Haley told the outlet.

Court documents state that he told officers he dropped her off to work at a Sonic restaurant on a Sunday. However workers claim that she did not appear for work at all on the day in question.

Haley claimed that Washington’s version of events surrounding her disappearance were changing all the time.

‘The more we spoke with him, the more his story began to fall apart as far as what had happened,’ Haley said.

Officials said Washington then said that he had lied about telling them that she had been shot by someone, according to KFOR.

He had been charged in November with false reporting of a crime and obstruction of an officer.