Old Woman Wants People to “Call Out” Men for Dating Younger Women

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2019

In a recent article showcasing examples of old women hating younger women, a reader pointed out that one of Metro’s editors, Ellen Scott, wants people to call out men for dating younger women.

Ellen Scott is herself a used-up old roastie who’s had to dye her hair pink to try and stand out, since her gravity-affected tits and ass certainly aren’t making her stand out these days.

She most certainly has a dog in this fight.

Let’s look at what this wrinkled old whore has to say, shall we?


Everyone will remember someone who had a weirdly older boyfriend when they were in their teens.

I had one, in his mid-twenties while I was 16. I’d go to his house, get drunk and high, and then we’d have sex that was entirely to his preferences and never resulted in an orgasm.

My best friend at the time lost her virginity, age 16, to a 27-year-old.

My other pal had sex for the first time at 12, with a guy who’d just turned 19.

At the time this seemed perfectly normal. Girls mature earlier than guys, right? Our older boyfriends had jobs (well, not mine) and could get us booze. That’s cool.

Except it wasn’t, and it isn’t.

Now at the age of those older boyfriends, it’s deeply disturbing to realise that men my age are pursuing teenagers who still wear school uniforms.

Except it really was cool for all of them back then, because young women love to date older men as much as older men like to date younger women.

It’s only around their early twenties that women start noticing that they have competition from a group with a serious advantage: teenagers.

Up until that point, they were the apex predators.

Apex Predator

Primary Consumer

By the time they pass their mid-twenties and get close to their thirties, they realize that they can’t compete anymore — they realize that time and nature have won the battle and that they’re no longer on top of the food pyramid.

The good news is that the general reaction to all these relationships has been a general sense of ‘nope, that’s creepy’.

But while there’s outrage whenever one of these stories is shared online, we need to be doing more in real life. It’s time for us to start calling out the creepy older guy and refusing to accept men pursuing much younger women.

This is a good thing. It opens up discussion about a very important topic: the nature of sexual attraction.

Women dating older men won’t be ashamed or have second thoughts because someone “calls out” the man if the man shrugs it off. If the man freaks out and starts acting like a weirdo then yeah, most likely.

You have to be unapologetic about liking younger women just as you should be unapologetic about being white because both are your nature.

When faced with an angry harpy yelling “YOU’RE WITH A YOUNGER WOMAN YOU PREDATOR!” your response should be “you jealous?

There is no need to explain because everyone already knows — at least subconsciously — the real reason younger women prefer older men and older men prefer younger women, but sometimes you’ll be in a more friendly setting and the topic may come up. In that case, keep it short too. Just say that younger women are more fun and less psychotic.

It shouldn’t be. An adult having a relationship with a teenager is not and should not be an acceptable thing.

There’s an automatic power imbalance there. We’re taught to respect authority and our elders from a young age, to believe that someone older than us must know better, and that they’re in the right, we’re wrong. That’s a dangerous starting block for a romantic relationship – it means we go into things trusting the older guy to know best, and to trust that what he wants must be right.

When confronted with this, agree — because it’s true.

Yes, I’m more powerful than her.”

When you’re a teenager, you also have a sense that adults are far cooler and more together than you are. They have jobs. They have their own place free of parents and rules. They can drink, drive (not at the same time), and pay for things without having to ask their mum for £20.

That all makes an older guy seem very attractive to a teenager feeling like they have little control over their life. It’s an unfair advantage, instantly putting an older person on a deeply hot, trustworthy pedestal.

The author of the Metro article, at this point, has accepted that she wants to keep younger women from the sexual satisfaction of being with a man they find “deeply hot.”

This is the core of her argument: “Repress the sexuality of younger women so older women can have a chance too.

Older women already had their chance when they were younger.

When an older person dates someone in their teens (or even in their early twenties), they rid them of the fun bits of being young.

A relationship has to be low stakes for a teenager, because when you’re young dating should be about fun and exploration. It should be about working out who and what you like, dating some absolute idiots, and experiencing new things together, at a shared pace.

The fun bits of being young: having sex with acne-ridden teenage boys who buy condoms with their moms’ money because they’re afraid of getting the girl pregnant and don’t know the pullout method (100% efficient, despite feminist lies).

Relationships with older men are actually low stakes for teenage women compared to same-age relationships. If they get pregnant, they have significantly better chances of being happy, as they can form a family with a man who has a job and more life experience than they have.

Teenagers are still finding out who they are, and they need to do that without the influence of an adult’s needs for a romantic relationship.

A 27-year-old will have expectations of a girlfriend that a teenager shouldn’t have to worry about meeting. They’ll have to think about commitment, and exclusivity, where they live, how to schedule in time to see each other around work.

Yeah, because a teenage woman actually loves to share her boyfriend and to schedule dates around what his parents allow and the money they give him.

When an adult pursues a relationship with someone much younger, they cut short their youth and drag them over those essential years that should be dedicated to developing one’s sense of self.

It’s incredibly wrong. But a teenager won’t realise that.

That’s why it’s our responsibility not to lock teenagers under lock and key, but to call out all those creepy older men who feel they can hit on younger women.

The men who used to shout about my breasts and legs when I was wearing uniform were rarely alone in their vans. Their friend should have questioned what they were doing.

That is the core of the issue here, really. Men don’t shout about her breasts and legs anymore.


There’s an longstanding myth that men get better with age, while women peak at 18 or 20. That’s a terrible view to uphold. Women do get better with age, because they develop knowledge, experience, and a better understanding of themselves. That should be considered attractive, rather than the vulnerability and naivety of someone under 20.

We have to stop seeing ageing as a negative thing, and the young woman plus old man formula as the default.

Now that I don’t have youth anymore, youth shouldn’t be considered attractive!

We should be outraged and creeped out by a 40-something man who only dates women under the age of 25 – why isn’t he attracted to women closer to his age?

Okay, hold on.

Hold on.

Check this out:

41-year-old woman.

42-year-old woman.

36-year-old woman.

44-year-old woman.

Compare those old hags (source) to useful women:

The purpose of sex is reproduction and sexual attraction follows that. Men find fertility attractive, as younger women are more capable of producing more babies than older women.

That doesn’t change with age.

When we overhear a guy in his twenties hitting on a girl and dismissing their age gap as ‘well, she’s legal’, we should question why he’d want someone who isn’t his equal.

For the same reason, a woman doesn’t want someone who is her equal. Heterosexual women are incapable of finding sexually arousing a man who they deem their equal, just as heterosexual men are incapable of finding sexually arousing a woman who they deem their equal.

They’re not homosexuals, for starters.

Men are biologically stronger than women. That sets a natural power imbalance that can only be worked around by going against nature.

As a man, you should be able to lift a feminine woman and throw her around as if she were a toy — because she is a toy.

She wants to be your toy.

Women don’t want a male as weak as them to penetrate them — what if they suddenly move and they break his weak penis? They shouldn’t have to worry about breaking weak penises when having sex.

A man who a woman would find sexually attractive will always be more powerful than her.

Embrace your power.

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