Oliver North Trying to Force Out NRA Head Wayne LaPierre with Extortion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2019

Wayne LaPierre is the most competent leader of a right-wing organization in all of American history.

Now you have a spook – who was supposed to only have a symbolic role in the organization – attempting to kick him out of his own group.

The Guardian:

President Trump renewed his promise of loyalty to the members of the National Rifle Association at their annual meeting in Indianapolis today.

But behind the scenes, the powerful gun rights group is engaged in a kind of civil war between top leaders and the group’s longtime public relations and strategy firm, Ackerman McQueen. The infighting has made public damaging allegations of misspent funds, self-dealing, and financial mismanagement.

The National Rifle Association’s incendiary leader, Wayne LaPierre, wrote a letter to the NRA’s board last night, claiming that he was being pressured to resign by the organization’s current president and by Ackerman McQueen, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In the letter, obtained by the Journal, LaPierre wrote that he was told that unless he resigned, damaging allegations would be made to the board against him regarding sexual harassment of a staff member and financial improprieties, including expenses spent on his wardrobe and staff travel.

LaPierre said the pressure to resign came from the organization’s current president, Lt. Oliver North, and others, and was “styled, in the parlance of extortionists, as an offer I can’t refuse.”

LaPierre’s allegations mark an escalation of an internal battle between the NRA and its powerful longtime public relations and advertising firm, Ackerman McQueen, over the organization’s finances. The NRA filed a lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen last week, accusing the company of withholding key details from its bills to the gun group, including information about a separate contract it had with North.

LaPierre was told, he wrote, that “I needed to withdraw the lawsuit against [Ackerman McQueen] or be smeared.”

North, a combative and prominent conservative commenter, was once at the heart of the Iran-Contra affair. He was unexpectedly named as the NRA’s president, typically a largely symbolic role, a year ago, replacing a lower-key gun industry executive.

I don’t care enough to have a strong opinion on the Iran Contra Affair, but I know for a fact that Oliver North is a dirty sonovabitch who no one should have trusted for any reason.

I don’t even know why they would bring this guy in. Does he have some fandom?

He is no G. Gordon Liddy, I can tell you that.

LaPierre, who you may remember as the coiner of “European-Style Socialists” as an anti-Semitic euphemism, did the right thing by just coming right out with the attack on him publicly rather than trying to deal with this behind the scenes.

And I think he will probably beat North.

If he doesn’t beat North, then guns will be the final thing that the conservatives fail to defend. Because North isn’t trying to force him out because of expensive suits or travel costs. He is attempting to take over the organization as part of some dirty deep state plot to get the group to cuck.

They’ve failed to defend absolutely every other aspect of freedom in this country, so I guess it is about time they fail on guns.