On the Real Life Threat of Being Mr. Serious Nazi All the Time

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2015

Stay cool.  I got this.
Stay cool. I got this.

Along with those who criticize this site for being too Nazi, there are also some who claim we are not serious enough Nazis.  The usual line is “Hitler never would have approved of this.”

I would like to briefly address these people, generally, because as with the people who accuse me of being overly Nazi, these people who accuse me of not being Nazi enough act as though I do this out of stupidity, rather than because I have thought it all the way through and made a logical decision.  And it is important to me that those who are interested in why I do things understand why I do things.

The summary of my program.
A summary of my program.

No one is going to understand the severely serious tone of 1930s German National Socialism ever again. It simply is not possible, even if it were completely desirable. I do understand the desire to recreate what you see in NSDAP film, but this is not going to happen and attacking people who accept that it isn’t going to happen is not in any way helpful, even if you yourself are incapable of accepting it.

The reason it is impossible has nothing to do with degeneracy, at least not directly, but instead relates to how human needs and desires have changed in a society of abundance. Please think about what that means, and ask yourself how you are going to formulate an appealing message to young people with X-Boxes and the internet while praising humorlessness as the most exalted virtue.

Jeez, guys.
Jeez, guys.

Yes, the NSDAP was humorless, but nothing about the concept National Socialism necessitates humorlessness. The NSDAP was humorless because it was pragmatic.  Humorlessness appealed to men who were underemployed and hungry, living in basements eating turnip soup, getting drunk and beating their wives.

You are not going to convince young people to abandon the entire culture they were raised in, to start acting serious all the time and listening to nothing but classical music by telling them they have a duty to do so.

The method of asking people to join you while also asking them to sacrifice for you as you give them nothing will not work. You are free to carry on with it, I won’t stop you, but I will not be bullied into accepting this ridiculous method of failure with condescending messages about how I lack an understanding of what is going on. I am very clear on what is going on, and if you are clear on what is going on then you are simply demanding that we fail.

Maybe you should find a new hobby. Have you tried building models?

Just relax.
Just relax.