On the Verge of Complete Collapse, The Judeo-Macronist Republic Mobilizes ALL Its Last Reserves to Paris on Saturday

Captain Harlock
Democratic Participative
December 5, 2018

The Jewish tyranny of this financial republic is on the brink. Macron, at bay, is calling for the republic’s last reserves into the French capital to ward off the inevitable: the republic’s fall and with it, that of its masters – international Jewish finance.

In this exclusive document, you can see the mobilization plan of the Paris police headquarters for Saturday, December 8th. All units, without exception, are mobilized. All holidays canceled.

In summary, the cops are at their maximum mobilization capabilities so as to face the French people in the streets of Paris next Saturday. There is no escape plan: if, in the coming weeks, the popular storm continues, the police in charge of protecting this government from betrayal will yield and fall back.

The last rampart of the Judeo-Macronist Republic is on the brink of rupture.

For good measure, the Praetorian guard of this Jewish regime was ordered to fire cartridges of tear gas at people. Thousands and thousands of shots in the faces of the Yellow Vests.

“⚡🇫🇷INFO – “This is the first time I have received such an order” a CRS. According to L’Express, the units of #CRS were ordered to fire [a tear gas canister] at man’s body last Saturday in #Paris. A prohibited practice, justified by the context.”

“Justified” by the agony of the Jews.

“Emmanuel Macron booed at Puy-en-Velay – “We feel that there is a climate that hardens instead of softening.There is a focus around the personality of the President of the Republic.This paroxysm is extremely worrying” says @ruthelkrief @BFMTV #20HPol”

I want to emphasize one crucial thing here: the police are not a form of government. But that is what this occupation government is reduced to: making policing an end in itself, in order to survive another week.

The French police can not and will not want to take the place of a government. In fact, it is not so much a rampart as an impasse.

France can not be governed by 70,000 or 75,000 men in open war against tens of millions of French to ensure the survival of this cartel of corrupt politicians.

You can not govern the French people indefinitely like that.

The cops know it.

You now have people like General Legion Piquemal calling for people to join Saturday.

“Part 1: General Piquemal @chpiq in Paris on December 8 #YellowVests: he sends a message to the French”

At this point, the only option left to the police is to force Macron to surrender. This is the most orderly alternative possible. If the cops do not force Macron to face his responsibilities, it will be chaos in the streets in a very short time and the units of police or territorial gendarmerie, in the face of the popular uprising, will return to their barracks rather than confront the people.

This will inevitably bring into action bands of Arab-Negro assassins and looters once the situation is out of control. Not to mention the murderers of Allah of the Islamic State or mutinous anarcho-communists.

For all these reasons, every passing minute brings the country closer to the abyss. Because of one man: Emmanuel Macron. Because of a single clique of criminals: Jewish financiers and terrorists of the Jewish press.

The cops would do well to call in sick in mass. Exposing yourself in the streets of Paris next Saturday to save this corrupt republic under the orders of Goldman Sachs and international Jewish finance is not worth it.


Translated by Andrew Anglin using Google Translate.