On the Virtue of Letting Cancer Children Die

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2019

Earlier this week, I proposed that instead of spending billions of dollars to try to prolong the misery of cancer children, we instead force cancer children to fight one another to the death in cages.

Most people found this to be a very reasonable proposal that stems from basic common sense.

However, some faggots said I am a big meanie. And they said: how would you like it if you had a cancer child?

Firstly, I won’t have a cancer child, because I have excellent genetics and only bang sluts that are 10/10 HOT and who only eat green vegetables and probiotics.

Secondly, if I did ever have a cancer child, I wouldn’t be some pussy faggot and let its life drag on in misery to meet my own deranged emotional needs. I would give it the pillow it deserves.

One astute commenter replied to the childlike babies who became sad at the thought of bald cancer children being forced to fight to the death for our amusement in cages with wisdom and guile:

Apparently, some faggots think this is a motherfucking game.

It’s not Boomerworld, where everything is discussion, and rhetoric, and moralizing, and hand wringing, and fucking virtue signaling.

We are living in the real world and if the white race loses, or if humanity goes extinct, there’s no chance for a retest.

Big picture. What does the white/human race gain by providing extra life to failed life?


Spending millions upon millions of dollars to provide a child with cancer a life, what does that get us? It’s not his parents paying for it. It’s all of us. What do you get because someone’s baby managed to grow to adulthood with chronic health problems?

If the kid isn’t rendered infertile by cancer treatments, do we want them reproducing and making another generation of sick children?

And if they can’t reproduce in the first place, what’s the point?

Mental midgets love to moralize and piss and moan about pain.

When we save one defective we’re letting them be either, A) a genetic deadend and a pointless burden on the system for decades, or B) having them reproduce and pass on their misery inducing, inferior genetic legacy.

If we let them die, we don’t have either of these situations. We have just one death to deal with.

Pain, like death, is unavoidable. It’s a matter of how much and when.

So, what causes less pain and suffering?

What are we gaining societally from our “medical treatments?”

And then on the personal level we must acknowledge a few things too.

There’s this little thing called living. Being alive is not the same thing as being not dead.

We are extending existence on a calendar, but we’re not giving more life to people. We’re just spreading the life they have thinner, like too little butter on too much toast.

Existing isn’t living.

Anyone who’s had to watch someone waste away and take years to die understands this fact.

We’re trading passing up pain today in exchange for Hell tomorrow, and telling ourselves it’s OK because we might be able to avoid tomorrow.

Cancer children are a plague that needs to be wiped out.

Boomer values are “the strong protect the weak.” As if this is moral.

Well, how has that worked out?

Not very well.

Propping up the weak above the strong leads to chaos, with the weak oppressing and abusing the strong because the weak are fundamentally vindictive and hateful, with a drive to take revenge on their betters.

Exalting weakness as virtue is decadent and depraved. It is not morality. It is anti-morality.

Actual morality is strength itself.

God is only as just as nature, and nature is pure justice.

In nature, the strong survive.

If we had instituted “the strong shall rule” as a policy, niggers wouldn’t be running wild, women wouldn’t leave the house without a chaperone let alone fuck every guy they walk past, and Jews – the weakest of all races – wouldn’t be ruling over us.

Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be the richest man in the world because War Machine – who would be free and on the loose in a world of pure natural justice – would break into his house and rape his wife and Mexican girlfriend in front of him and throw him off the roof.

And then War Machine would be the head of Amazon, and we would be able to find out what the result of that dynamic would be.

The first step in our journey is to pass a law saying it is illegal to give medical treatment to children with cancer and also ban health insurance and socialism.

The second step is to release War Machine from prison and pass a law that says he can’t ever be arrested no matter what he does – including but not limited to murder, rape and mass murder.

We’ll figure out the third step later.