On the Virtue of Objectivity

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2019

Someone in the comments section of dailystormer.name (formerly dailystormer.com) made this comment yesterday on my article about Joe Rogan being a Jewish shill:

Ann Coulter, for that matter, is not FOR making America Great Again either.

No different than Joe Rogan.

So…why do people praise her on here?

She refuses to marry a white man. Have kids.

To which I responded:

Frankly, Ann Coulter has done more than virtually any white man on the planet. Certainly more than any white kid.

Just being objective. I hate women and so on and so forth. But it isn’t really an adult position to hate women because they are useless whores and then not acknowledge the one woman who is not a useless whore as not being a useless whore.

Yes, as a rule women should have kids and they have no other purpose.

But if you saw a pig flying around, you wouldn’t say “that pig should be doing its duty and being bacon,” you would be like “wow, look at that flying pig, that’s really amazing.”

At least that’s what I would do.

This issue speaks to the larger issue of being objective and rational in our assessment of things.

What we talk about on this website is generalities. Generalities speak to general truths, which are much more important than individual exceptions to general truths.

However, if we are going to speak in terms of general truths, we also must acknowledge that we are talking about general truths, or else we are simply promoting a rigid type of dogma. And a rigid dogma can never embody absolute truth. It is actually impossible.

The current far-right race and sex realist movement has only one advantage over the Jewish machine, and that is that we tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And that is what we need to always remember, and always focus on.

And in order to tell the whole truth, you have to acknowledge that not everything fits into general statements.

These are general statements:

  • Black people are stupid and violent
  • Jews are evil
  • Women are completely useless for any purpose other than sexual reproduction
  • Homosexuals prey on teenage boys
  • Asians have an insect-like hivemind

All of those statements are going to be true 99% of the time, and that is what is important. But the only one that might be true 100% of the time is that Jews are evil. However, if I see a Jew who appears to be doing something that isn’t evil, I’m going to keep an open mind.

I will not forget the general truth, but I will remember that it is at least possible for exceptions to exist, and that if exceptions do exist, it is my responsibility to acknowledge them for what they are.

Why Does This Matter?

All political movements speak in generalities, for presumably self-explanatory reasons. Public policy and society as a whole function on generalities, because you are dealing with large groups of people.

However, the far-right is uniquely portrayed by the establishment as adhering to a rigid dogma. So in order to fight that perception, we have a duty that other political movements do not have to be more nuanced in our presentations. We are presenting rational ideas that are being portrayed as radical, and we must make clear that the core driving factor of our belief system is rationality.

That is the only clear path to popularizing our ideas: presenting ourselves as the only rational actors in a system of lies and hoaxes.

And the path is wide-open.

These people are promoting child trannies, and putting out images of 10-year-old boys in dresses being groped by naked adult homosexuals.

Reality itself is on the verge of collapsing in on itself.

There has never been any other time in history where simply stating the obvious has ever been a more powerful method of convincing people to follow you.

So, I urge you to simply tell the truth, whatever it is.

We lose nothing by admitting that it is possible for a black man to be intelligent, because by admitting that, we only prove that we are being purely rational – and not “driven by blind hatred for the color of the skin” when we say that the overwhelming majority of black men are very stupid.

Our job right now is to present a viable worldview that it makes sense for normal people to adopt. That is really the only goal right now. We do not have any real power beyond our power to influence the thinking of the masses, and doing that is the only path to achieving more power.

So we must always keep this in mind, and focus on the goal.