Ontario: Two Men Bomb Indian Restaurant with IEDs – No Deaths, Manhunt Ongoing [UPDATES]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2018


No real updates.

They just keep giving this description that describes their clothes which isn’t useful because obviously they changed their clothes.

But they did add heights.

Globe and Mail:

The first suspect was described as being in his mid-20s with light skin and a stocky build. He was between 5-foot-10 and 6 feet tall and was wearing dark jeans and a dark zip-up hoodie. He was wearing a baseball cap with a light grey peak and had his face covered with a dark cloth.

The second suspect was described as having fair skin. He was between 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-10, with a thin build. He wore faded jeans, dark skate shoes and a dark zip-up hoodie pulled over his head. His face was also covered.

5-foot-10 is taller than a Paki.

I’m 5-foot-7 and when I went to India I felt like I’d landed in Lilliput.

I’ve rarely met an Arab that was taller than me, but according to this chart some of them are.

The good news is, politicians are denouncing it.

Not a single politician has come out and endorsed this bombing, or even said something like “yeah, you know, I’m neutral on it.”

All politicians are against this bombing, according to media reports.

Actually, now that I think of it, if a politician was asked to condemn the bombing and was like, “hey, let’s not jump to conclusions – let’s wait until we’ve got all the facts before we go passing judgement on these restaurant bombers, who may have had a perfectly reasonable reason for taking this action,” I might be like, “this guy here – I like his style. Cool, calm demeanor, waits for the facts to come in before rushing to judgement.”


Still nothing to identify these men. One article from Canada said “fair skin,” though that doesn’t mean anything.

The hand on the one guy and the eyes on the other guy visible in the surveillance footage they’re showing could be from any race.

The cops are saying… it might just be nothing.


A manhunt is on in Canada after two men detonated an “improvised explosive device,” injuring 15 people late Thursday inside a restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, police said.

“There’s no indication this is a terrorist attack. There’s no indication this is a hate crime,” Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans said during a Friday morning news conference. “At this time, we haven’t ruled anything out as we start our investigation.”

lol female police chief.

If it’s not terrorism or a hate crime…

Then it must be a rival pajeet restaurant.

The injured shown were white people, so I doubt any “white supremacists” would have bombed them because they’re foreigners.


Original article follows. 




Police have released a photo of two suspects who detonated an explosive device in a restaurant in Mississauga, a city in the Canadian province of Ontario. At least 15 people have been injured.

Police say they received a call for “an incident” at 10:32 pm and have cordoned off the area. Local media report that there has been an explosion at an Indian restaurant in the central area of the city.

Police and paramedics say the total number of injured people is at least 15. At least three of those were hospitalized with “critical blast injuries.”

Some locals are posting on social media that incendiary devices were found at the scene. When asked about those reports, the police media officer neither confirmed nor denied it. K9 units and officers armed with assault rifles are seen in pictures from the scene.

Two men were reportedly seen entering the restaurant seconds before the explosion went off, Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington wrote on Twitter, citing a witness. Three loud bangs were heard at the moment of the explosions, according to the witness. A bomb squad has reportedly been dispatched to the scene.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects, asking the public for assistance in identifying the men. Police described one of the suspected perpetrators as a male in his mid-20s with a black mask and a hoodie pulled over his head. The other man was wearing a similar hoodie and his face was also covered. The assailants fled the restaurant “immediately”after the blast, police say.

lol a police description of their disguises.

They probably changed their clothes afterwards, Canada cops.


Is this whites angry at immigrants or Moslems angry at Indians?

Indian-on-Indian crime? Possibly a rival Indian restaurant?

Or some kike psyop?

No indications either way here.

Though people rarely get away with such things these days, so I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

But tbh… only North American white people wear gross baggy jeans like the ones in that picture above. There is a lot to criticize about Paki fashion, but that is one thing they do not do. And black people stopped it a decade ago… plus, black people can’t make IEDs. Even professional negro terrorist groups like Boko Haram can’t do it – they use industrially manufactured explosives and firebombs.

Furthermore, blacks bombings an Indian restaurant seems unlikely.

Updates to follow.