Operation Back to Israel: Stormer Book Club Triggers Cuck Library

Daily Stormer
June 18, 2018

Stormer Book Club is out in these streets, spreading the good word to the sleeping goyim, all day erry day. An update is long overdue.

Here’s a sampling of one of our campaigns: “Back to Israel, Jews,” a simple, timely message designed to get people thinking about the pernicious kosherites busily rubbing their hands as they celebrate our destruction.

A message as timeless as Jewish treachery…

Many feels were hurt, but you can rest assured, many eyes were opened as well.

Wow. Just wow! This pudgy brown reporterette seems super-triggered! Thirty-six minutes! I feel really sorry for the poor cameraman who was subjected to this, and likely committed suicide shortly after, that being preferable to listening to this sort of thing ever again.

Everybody wanted to hop on the Feelz Train. Here we have some cucky commie “minister” (his Twitter)  spinning the weird commie narrative that “hate speech is not free speech.”

Here’s a selection of some (but not all) of the great work Stormer Book Club did on this campaign.

Austin, Texas

Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex

Houston, Texas



New Hampshire

Reno, Nevada


Stormer Book Club is the premier pro-White, American Nationalist activist organization in the USA. We have chapters nationwide, and we are growing.

We have been in a period of retooling some of our infrastructure to better protect the anonymity of our members, and better serve their needs. We are a fine tuned machine that puts it’s members’ anonymity and well-being as it’s top priority, and will never ask anyone to do anything illegal or immoral.

We are a band of brothers.

And we are going to do everything we can to secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children!

If you are a young White Man of Good Character, join us!

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