Our Enemy is THE Enemy

Jack Renshaw
Renshaw’s Corner
December 15, 2014

The enemy.

The biggest enemies of the white nations of the world are not the advocates of Social Liberalism or Cultural Marxism, not the supporters of Corporate Capitalism or Communism, not the adherents to Islam, not the followers of Radical Feminism, not those behind brainwashing through the concepts of Multiculturalism and Multiracialism, not those behind International Finance, and not even those pushing for Globalism.

These are all our enemies but our greater enemies are those behind every single one of these groups. These are the instigators of World Jewry, or to put it simply, the Jew.

World Jewry is the disease, whilst its product ideologies are just the symptoms. Beat the symptoms and they’ll return or be replaced – but – beat the disease and you’ll eradicate the symptoms.

The Jew aims to bastardise and mongrelise our race through Multiracialism and Multiculturalism – as they are doing; to gain political power through an unholy alliance of Communism (backed by those who want power) and Corporate Capitalism (backed by those who want money), both of which push for Globalism and more Global governance – as they are doing; to enslave us using the monetary system, by spreading their influence, through the Rothschild family, over the Central Banks of the world – as they are doing; and to destroy our sense of morality and social order, through Cultural Marxism, Social Liberalism and Radical Feminism – as they are doing.

The Jew has pushed Britain to war against our fellow Europeans many times before, but the Brothers’ Wars (World War One and World War Two) had the worst impact on the world’s white nations than any of the wars that came before.

The Jew aims to spread disunity through our race in an attempt to break us.

Our race is an obstacle in their path to the enslavement of the world’s peoples, as only by breaking the world’s peoples can they control us. The Jew wants a rootless, mongrelised and dumbed down slave race to act as their over-paying customers, debt slaves and underpaid workers; the Jew wishes to form the world’s aristocracy over this slave race.

Nationalists – real nationalists – will continue to resist World Jewry through educating the masses and offering them an alternative.

The Jew has declared war on our people and we should – and in time we will – return the favour.

Delenda est Judaica!

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